Game-breaking bugs on Ashe, MF still in the 2021 LoL preseason

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 26, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Even after a patch and several hotfixes, some of the first game-breaking preseason bugs are still in the game. 

One of the first big bugs that was discovered in the preseason was on Ashe. Since the release of patch 10.23, the Frost Archer has been able to cast her Volley (W) twice consecutively by using a neat level-up trick, and this remains in the game in patch 10.24. 

The trick is to use Volley, level up the spell, and then cast it again. This bug is not intentional, since the level up resets the cooldown of the ability. This trick isn’t necessarily what will decide the outcome of a game, but will give Ashe players a poking advantage in lane or in early team fights if the level up is timed correctly. 

The next bug that has been in the game since the preseason release is the Miss Fortune ultimate bug. This bug allows Miss Fortune to cast her Bullet Time in a way that makes the damage cone bigger. Several players have tested this and can confirm that the ultimate does more damage in a larger area than usual. 

To use this bug, Miss Fortune must have the Galeforce Mythic item. Galeforce has an active that makes the player dash in a chosen direction. Combining this dash with Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time will activate the bug, but it requires some quick fingers. 

Luckily for Riot, Miss Fortune doesn’t usually build Galeforce, which makes this bug very rare. With that said, the bug can potentially give a big advantage in team fights and should have been fixed by now. 

New bugs are appearing in 2021 LoL preseason 

Besides the bugs for Ashe and Miss Fortune, other champions are also experiencing some weird interactions in the preseason. Since Riot introduced patch 10.24, champions including Jhin, Gragas, and Elise have all been affected by game-breaking bugs. 

Elise was bugged to a point where Riot had to disable her temporarily to fix it. Her Venomous Bite (Q) didn’t deal damage as it should, making Elise almost unplayable until the bug was fixed by Riot.  

The preseason will continue until Season 11 is introduced at the start of 2021. 

Is Ashe good in LoL?

Ashe has been a good pick for the bot lane throughout most of 2020 but has been suffering under the 2021 preseason patch. As of patch 10.24, Ashe is sitting at a 49.69% win rate which is lower than just a couple of patches ago. Right before the preseason patch, Ashe had a win rate of over 50%, making her a solid bot laner.  

Is Ashe an ADC?

Ashe is one of the original ADC champions in League of Legends. Ashe was released back in February 2009, making her one of the first champions in the game. Even though Ashe is over 10 years old now, she has seen a slight rework and been playable in both solo queue and the professional meta for a long time. 

How do you win with Miss Fortune?

The best way to win with Miss Fortune in the 2021 preseason is to build a lot of damage and crit. Miss Fortune always wants the Eclipse Mythic item, followed up by The Collector to get even more damage and lethality. After the two core items, many players tend to build items such as the Infinity Edge, Guardian Angel, and Edge of Night.  


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