G2’s Rekkles is the first player to reach 2000 kills in the LEC

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

G2 Esports bot laner Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has reached an impressive milestone by getting 2000 kills in the LEC as the first player ever. 

The Swedish bot laner got his 2000th kill in G2 Esports’ most recent match against Rogue. Rekkles was playing one of his signature champions Tristana, which he has been solid on for years. Despite a slow start to the ongoing 2021 LEC Summer Split, Rekkles is starting to turn up the pace and carry his team along the way. The 2000th kill came with a victory against Rogue who entered the match as the first-place team. 

Ever since playing his first split in the best European league in 2014, Rekkles has been a player to keep an eye on. Since then, Rekkles has grown into one of the greatest bot laners in the history of European League of Legends and also a leader. With a whopping 2000 kills to his name, Rekkles continues to stay on top of his performance even after more than seven years as a professional player. 

For the 2021 season, Rekkles made the big decision to join G2 Esports after more than five years with Fnatic. The roster move itself was one of the biggest of all time and had fans expecting that Rekkles would finally reclaim the LEC throne and secure another trophy. So far, it has not gone that way after G2 has struggled to find its old form after former bot laner Luka “Perkz” Perković left the team. 

So far, Rekkles has filled the shoes of Perkz in terms of stable play but the team is still lacking leadership. This has been clear so far this season, but it looks like G2 might be starting to tackle its problems. 

Rekkles is surely regaining some confidence by defeating Rogue and reaching this milestone, but there’s still some way to go for the team as a whole. On an individual level, Rekkles is keeping up with the other bot laners in the league with the second-highest KDA in his role on 7.8. Rekkles is also fielding very few deaths this split and has kept his calculated playstyle intact even after joining G2. 

With an important win over Rogue and 2000 kills in the bag, Rekkles and G2 is ending the fifth week of the split on a 6-5 record. 


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