G2 Esports swapping Caps and Perkz again for LEC Summer Split

By Melany Moncada


May 9, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

G2 Esports announced that Rasmus “Caps” Winther and Luka “Perkz” Perković, and it might be the best decision made by the organization to date.

Caps and Perkz are back in what might be their best roles. After one split as ADC, Caps has returned to the mid lane, restoring the balance to the team. And while it might feel like another one of G2’s tricks, it’s a clever move by the team ahead of the 2020 World Championship.

G2 stands apart from the rest of LEC

Back in April, G2 claimed its third consecutive LEC title in a very dominant fashion. Fnatic, that advanced to finals as the favorite to win the series, crumbled under the pressure. History repeated itself, and G2 was the best team in Europe.

Even if the ending was perfect, G2’s season wasn’t as clean as they wanted. Caps in the bottom lane was capable, but he lacked that x-factor that set Perkz apart from the competition. Caps’ execution with marksmen was good, but nothing outstanding. Caps was an ADC good enough to compete in the LEC, but G2 has its eye set on a different competition: the World Championship.

The LEC is just a formality for G2, as has become painfully obvious over recent splits. If this team is playing for something, it’s the international titles. Without a Mid-Season Invitational this year, G2 is refocusing all of its efforts towards the 2020 World Championship. Weeks before the start of summer, it’s easy to predict that G2 will be one of the teams representing Europe in the event.

Assuming that the teams that dominated spring will remain strong through summer, G2 will face a series of solid teams with outstanding bottom lanes.

ADC is the most stacked role at Worlds 2020

The 2019 World Championship was all about the jungle-mid duos, this year the strong point for the teams is the bottom lane duos. Not much has changed for ADC players, in fact, this role suffered from some drastic XP distribution changes. Despite those changes, ADCs around the world are shining brighter than ever.

Players like T1’s Park “Teddy” Jin-seong, Gen.G’s Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, Top Esports’ Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo, and JD Gaming’s Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook are in excellent form. North America had its fair share of outstanding bottom lane performances from Cloud9’s Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen. G2’s bottom lane with Caps was an exploitable weakness that any of these players could’ve taken advantage of.

G2 had the right idea with this role swap, but it won’t be enough. The team needs to improve its performance in the early game and learn to play at a steady pace instead of succumbing to chaos. In Korea, teams seem to have learned from their mistakes and are ready to fight in 2020. T1 hired a former analyst for Splyce as its head of strategy and analytics. The European influence on top of the new coaching staff put T1 on a different level, and the team still hopes to get better.

G2 returns to the stage in Europe on June 12.