G2 Esports’ Caps has the worst KDA of any LEC mid-laner

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The 2021 LEC Summer Split has not been a good one for G2 Esports thus far, and especially not for its Danish star mid-laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther. 

Usually, Caps is one of the most consistent players in the region but this split has been something else. The 21-year-old mid-laner is statistically one of the worst mid-laners in the LEC Summer Split despite dominating during the spring. The lack of international practice and long mid-season break has seemingly had an effect on Caps and the rest of his teammates. 

Through the first four weeks of the split, G2 is sitting on a poor 4-5 record. Four of these losses came in the past two weeks, where G2 and Caps have suffered a huge dip in performance. The team is at a point where Caps is sitting on the lowest KDA of all LEC mid-laners at 2 while his total death count is reaching heights that Caps is not used to. 

Caps has the most deaths of any LEC mid-laner

In the first nine games of the summer, Caps has died a total of 34 times. That’s the exact same number of deaths that the Dane had over the course of the entire spring split. This alone speaks towards the current state of Caps but also how he crushed the league just a few months back. With one more death, Caps would be tied with Fnatic support Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov and Vitality support Labros “Labrov” Papoutsakis for most deaths in the league.   

Last split, Caps was among the mid-laners with the highest KDA and topped damage per minute for his role. Caps was one of the best performers of the spring, and was behind most of G2’s best moments. The failed attempt to reach the playoffs is clearly still affecting G2, with the team looking shakier every week. 

This went off the rails last week, where G2 once again went 0-2. This is particularly bad as it comes after a week where G2 faced Excel Esports and Misfits Gaming, with the action ending with a G2 loss where the team squandered a 10,000 gold lead. 

Can Caps and G2 Esports come back in the LEC?

The loss to Misfits will likely sting for a while, and it doesn’t help that there are two tough matches coming up next week against Astralis and Rogue. The most recent game was rough for Caps especially, who is looking shaky in every stage of the game. His best area Caps is the early laning phase, but he will need to do a better job of converting that into a bigger lead as the game goes on. 

G2 is at a point where one player can’t turn around the team alone, so it will have to be a team effort from now on. On paper, G2 should still be one of the absolute strongest teams in the league so it all comes down to the players resetting mentally and starting to regain confidence. If G2 manages to pick up some wins in the coming week, fans might be looking at a completely different team. 

Fixing these issues won’t be easy, especially not with how competitive the LEC is in this split. It will require extra practice from every member of the team to turn the tables. If G2 returns to its old form, then there’s still a chance to come backand secure a spot at the 2021 World Championship.