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Fry enemies with these Brimstone molotov lineups on Ascent

by | Feb 25, 2021

Reading Time: 2 min.
Reading Time: 2 min.

Taking over a bombsite is a walk in the park with Brimstone’s molotovs. Those tools are even more useful in post-plant situations. 

Aim may help rack up kills, but utility plays a crucial role when it comes to securing rounds. Without some calculated molotovs and smokes, opening a site can become an arduous task. Brimstone’s triple smoke tactics allow for smooth plants without risking duels. Just smoke key angles, get the spike down, and move out of the enemy’s line of sight.

But once the spike’s down, the retake attempt is inevitably coming. Here’s how Brimstone can secure rounds on Ascent. 

Since Brimstone is a controller with useful utilities, it’s ideal for him to watch flanks while the team clears out the site and plants the spike. For A site, make sure that your teammate has planted the spike for the generator. This plant angle is not only safe, but works well with most post-plant utility. 

Stand at mid cubby and aim up at the sky. Your incendiary hud will act as a guide. Align the mouse hud with a splash in the sky, as shown in the image. 

On sound cue, deploy the incendiary to cause damage to the defender defusing the spike. 


For B site, a Brimstone player should stay near the hut outside B main and wait for defuse sound cue. As soon as you hear the beep, set up this post-plant molotov for the default spike position. 

Put yourself against the hut and use your ability hud as a guide. Press the incendiary key and align the rectangle under the mouse with the grey ledge, as shown in the image. 

Launch the grenade to burn anyone lurking around the spike at bomb point B. 


These lineups on both Ascent bomb points will ensure that you bag most rounds on the attacker’s side, which is usually an ordeal. Practicing these lineups will give you an edge over the opponent before the switch and set you up for a win. 

How much damage does Brimstone’s incendiary do in Valorant? 

Brimstone’s molotov is just as deadly as his ultimate in certain situations, which is why he should be your top pick in defender-sided maps. The fire fries enemies within eight meters of its radius, dealing 60 damage per second. This decay is enough to burn an enemy to death within seconds.

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