Smash 64 Obama

Former President Barack Obama is surprisingly pretty good at Smash

By Olivia Richman


Aug 6, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Super Smash Bros. continues to be one of the most popular Nintendo games of all time. Even former President Barack Obama has a main.

Super Smash Bros. has grown as a franchise over the past few years, with Ultimate becoming the third-most-bought game on the Nintendo Switch. As Masahiro Sakurai contemplates how to tackle yet another Smash title, Obama has gone back to the OG title, Super Smash Bros., on Nintendo 64.

Cody Daniels had his Make-A-Wish request come true. He went to the White House to play Super Smash Bros. with Obama himself. And Obama wasn’t even that bad at the game.

This is Barack Obama’s Smash main

Daniels recently opened up about his experience playing Smash with Obama. He explained that Obama was actually “surprisingly decent” at the game, describing him as better than the average player.

Obama also mained Captain Falcon, which somehow seems fitting and not all too shocking.

Daniels is an important part of the competitive N64 scene and has held a lot of large tournaments for Super Smash Bros. He recently donated all of his winnings to a future Make-A-Wish Foundation person, according to someone who interviewed him recently.

Obama signed a Super Smash Bros. cartridge for Daniels and also gave him a pretty solid fight. Who knew Obama was cool like that? He wore a tan suit once, after all.


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