Former Overwatch pro Surefour signed to Sentinels as content creator

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Lane “Surefour” Roberts is leaving Overwatch behind and has joined the Sentinels as a Valorant content creator. 

Surefour is best known for his epic Overwatch League strats on the Los Angeles Gladiators. He most recently played for the Toronto Defiant, but split from the team last season. Fans speculated where he might land, but it seems that he’s jumped ship over to Valorant.

The decision to move to Valorant comes after Surefour’s announcement that he was taking a break from competing in the OWL. He stated he wasn’t “in a great state of mind” because of what he had been through over three seasons in the OWL, and thought it best to take a break. By signing with the Sentinels as a content creator, it is unclear whether Surefour will ever return to competitive Overwatch. 

Surefour leaves behind a legendary Overwatch League career

During and after his OWL career, Surefour has amassed a large following on Twitch. He has always been a fan favorite, especially after the “Great Bamboozle” of 2018 where Surefour tricked the enemy team by waiting in the starting area as Brigitte, only to switch to Widowmaker to surprise the enemy who were looking the other direction. He also won first place in OWL’s first ever Widowmaker one-on-one competiton.

Sentinels is an organization that houses teams in Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Halo, among others. With all of their active rosters seemingly settled, the organization is starting to focus on bringing attention to the content creators it signs.

Will Surefour ever return to Overwatch?

Based on a statement given by Sentinels Director of Esports Charlie Lipsie, Surefour returning to Overwatch is uncertain. While Surefour said he was taking a break for OWL’s fourth season, the statement by Lipsie indicates that Surefour might be in a multi-year contract. 

“Adding Surefour to our content creation roster marks the next step in continuing to build for the future of Sentinels. We are confident that his personality will shine as a member of Sentinels for years to come.” Lipsie said in a press release.

Already on the Sentinels’ Valorant roster is Jay “Sinatraa” Won who left the OWL in the middle of the season last year to play Valorant competitively.