Fnatic shut out of top two 2020 LEC Summer Split All-Pro teams

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 19, 2020

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The 2020 LEC Summer Split All-Pro teams have been revealed, with players from many different teams occupying the top slots. 

The first all-pro team includes players from four different teams, as only MAD Lions has two representatives. The players are Barney “Alphari” Morris, Zhiqiang “Shadow” Zhao, Rasmus “Caps” Winther, Patrik “Patrik” Jírů, and Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser. All five players have been remarkable throughout the split and the most important pieces to their respective teams. 

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For the first time ever, two players on the first all-pro team did not make the playoffs. Both Alphari and Patrik did not make playoffs, but have been consistently good throughout the split. Alphari finished the regular split dead last with Origen but has been a monster in the top lane with some of the best stats in the league. Patrik was close to carrying his team to the playoffs, but Excel Esports missed it just at the finish line. 

From MAD Lions we find both Shadow and Kaiser, who have been outstanding this split. They proved themselves in the spring split, where MAD Lions ended the playoffs in third. This split, MAD Lions finished the regular split in second place and the team is considered one of the favorites to win the LEC summer title. 

Last, but not least, Caps also secured himself a spot on the first all-pro team. G2 Esports has been struggling to find momentum this split, but Caps has been keeping most games close and even winning some by himself. The Danish mid laner is considered one of the best players in the world and this split has been further proof of that. G2 will still be one of the favorites in the playoffs, especially with Caps in his current shape. 

The second and third all-pro teams were also highly contested, with players being really close in points. The summer split of LEC has been historically close, which the all-pro teams have proven.

Notably, no players from Fnatic were able to qualify for either the first or second LEC all-pro teams. Fnatic has traditionally been one of the dominant League of Legends teams in the European region, but has fallen on hard times of late and barely snuck into the summer playoffs.

Veteran bot laner Martin “Rekkles” Larsson was the only Fnatic player to make any of the all-pro teams, showing up on the third team.

Here are all three pro-teams with points included. 

First LEC All-Pro Team

Top – OG Alphari (89 Points)

Jungle – MAD Shadow (92 Points)

Mid – G2 Caps (118 Points)

Bot – XL Patrik (61 Points)

Support – MAD Kaiser (123 Points)

Second LEC All-Pro Team

Top – G2 Wunder (73 Points)

Jungle – RGE Inspired (72 Points)

Mid – RGE Larssen (99 Points)

Bot – RGE Hans Sama (60 Points)

Support – RGE Vander (74 Points)

Third LEC All-Pro Team

Top – MAD Orome (71 Points)

Jungle – S04 Gilius (68 Points)

Mid – MAD Humanoid (52 Points)

Bot – FNC Rekkles (54 Points)

Support – G2 Mikyx (48 Points)


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