FlyQuest sail into LCS semifinals after rugged victory over Guardians

By Melany Moncada


Apr 1, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

FlyQuest has qualified to the LCS Spring semifinals with a victory against Golden Guardians.

The playoffs were off to a good start after an exciting match between FlyQuest and Golden Guardians. The fourth and fifth seeds fought in a best-of-five full of team fights and surprising comebacks.

In game one, Golden Guardians went for comfort picks like Karthus for mid laner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen. In the jungle, Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia picked Urgot, a new trend on patch 9.6.

Golden Guardians had better rotations across the map, and the combination of the jungle Urgot with a poke composition gave the squad the opening win.

FlyQuest hit back in game two and punished Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell in the top lane. In the mid lane, Eugene “Pobelter” Park was unstoppable on Swain, bringing his team back from the jaws of defeat. Powered up with a baron buff, FlyQuest marched into the enemy base to claim the victory.

The mid laners would prove to be key players throughout. In the third set, Froggen picked Vel’Koz, a champion with high damage potential, and the pick proved to be exactly what Golden Guardians needed.

He was able to bully Pobelter in lane while the rest of his squad picked on FlyQuest’s rookie top laner Omran “V1per” Shoura. The lack of a true tank and the constant engagements from Froggen put FlyQuest behind, and the team wasn’t able to recover.

Golden Guardians could taste the series victory but FlyQuest wouldn’t go down without a fight. In game four, Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen picked Karthus and ultimately became the win condition for FlyQuest.

Santorin outdid Contractz in the jungle and the Guardians’ jungler couldn’t recover for the rest of the game. Golden Guardians held its ground, but the jungle advantage became too much to take. Pobelter served as the initiator while V1per redeemed himself by killing the key enemy champions in the backline, and Santorin’s Karthus was always ready to finish the job his team started as FlyQuest evened the series..

In the final game, Golden Guardians drafted a team fighting composition while FlyQuest went for strong lanes. The early game favored Golden Guardians, but everything changed 15 minutes into the set when FlyQuest managed an ace on their opponents and took a substantial lead.

V1per on Irealia had one of his best performances of the season, while Pobelter was deadly on Zoe. Golden Guardians couldn’t stop Pobelter and V1per’s aggression, and a final successful team fight would break the Golden Guardians base one last time and send FlyQuest to face Team Liquid in the semifinals.


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