FlyQuest roster proves to be the best NA team at Worlds 2020 with win over UoL

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FlyQuest secured North America its first win at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship group stage after a hectic win over Unicorns of Love. 

After a poor start to the group stage for both teams, it was time for one of them to pick up a win. FlyQuest was looking to get the LCS its first win at the group stage, while UoL was trying to prove that wildcard regions are not that far behind the rest. 

Both teams went for a lot of comfort picks and team fight oriented compositions. On paper, UoL came out of the champion select with the favorable composition but FlyQuest still put up a fight.  

UoL instantly targeted the top lane, where Colin “Solo” Earnest has been struggling for FlyQuest. His Renekton never got rolling as it should. Instead, Vladislav “BOSS” Fomin got a nice lead on Ornn. 

Instead, FlyQuest tried to answer back in the mid lane where Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage had a good performance on Syndra. The two compositions had the game go late and team fight focused, putting the team’s neck to neck for a long time. 

The later the game went, the bigger an advantage UoL got through its composition. UoL slowly turned every fight into their favor, but suddenly FlyQuest flipped the game on its head at the Dragon. 

The fight was enough for FlyQuest to finally get a foothold of the game and take North America’s first Nexus at the Worlds group stage. FlyQuest will still have to improve its gameplay to stand a chance in the group. 

PowerOfEvil carries FlyQuest to first victory at Worlds 2020

Even though the game was one of the most chaotic yet at the tournament, FlyQuest can still take a lot of positives with them. PowerOfEvil especially looked like a strong point for FlyQuest, after carrying the whole team on his Syndra. 

His damage output was through the roof and he was able to hit many stuns that decided fights. The Syndra pick is something PowerOfEvil is known to play well, so it might be a champion other teams will have to target in the ban phase. 

PowerOfEvil finished the game with a whopping 9/3/3 score on Syndra, which is one of the best score lines thus far at Worlds. FlyQuest bot laner Jason “WildTurtle” Tran also showed up in the game on Miss Fortune, ending the game with more than 100 CS above Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk. 

FlyQuest wins NA its first game at Worlds 2020 group stage

With this win, the LCS finally gets a win on the board at the Worlds group stage after losing five in a row. None of the three LCS teams has been able to exceed expectations, but now things might start to turn. 

Team Liquid and Team SoloMid will have to pick it up in the coming days, while FlyQuest can now enter their next games with some confidence. The groups are still looking tough for all NA teams and it’s unlikely that anyone will advance to the quarterfinals, but there is finally hope. 


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