FIFINE AM8 review: the best budget microphone for streaming

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 9, 2023

Reading time: 5 min

FIFINE AM8 is a budget-conscious cardioid microphone, which is perfect for those who like plug-and-play peripherals with no frills attached. 

FIFINE AM8 is a classic dynamic microphone boasting a sleek appearance and a user-friendly design. It’s particularly beneficial for newcomers to streaming, as it reduces the likelihood of unexpected errors during broadcasts. Easy to set up and featuring an eye-catching design, the FIFINE AM8, priced at $56.99, offers exceptional value with only minor drawbacks for select content creators. 

FIFINE AM8 review after multiple dozens of livestreams 

Every gamer appreciates good software and the allure of numerous buttons and a flashy exterior, but practicality takes precedence when it comes to actual usage. As someone often running into tech issues during the livestream, FIFINE AM8 was a breath of fresh air. FIFINE AM8 is stellar for its price range and seems capable of performing without issue for long periods of time. It can be connected in seconds and is ready to stream in minutes. It’s that simple, which may be a flaw for content creators looking to squeeze more use out of the mic. 

However, while FIFINE AM8 is far from perfect, it’s undeniably an excellent fit for new streamers and sweaty gamers. In this brutally honest FIFINE AM8 review, we’ll delve into the following pros and cons: 

Ready to plug and useIt doesn’t come with a software
Sensor mute buttonNot ideal for complex recordings
360 rotation stand mount
Visually pleasant 
Good sound for a good price

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To set it up:

AM8 comes with a heavy metallic base plate, a breathable foam cover, a USB cable, and a user’s manual. Attach the base plate with the microphone rod, connect the USB to the PC port and the other end to the microphone, and voila! You’re good to go. 


XLR port is also available at the bottom of the mic, above the headphone and USB jack. 

FIFINE AM8 is the perfect mic for streaming 

FIFINE AM8 is the perfect mic for gaming streamers who want the audience to enjoy their gameplay without any tech-related hiccups. It takes you a total of five minutes to set up the mic, and since there’s no complex software available, all audio settings happen within OBS or your streaming software. 

AM8 doesn’t come with a boom arm, but you may attach one if you already have it. If you don’t, AM8 is a perfect accessory for your table. As a streamer, you won’t need to fret over mic distance. Ideally, it captures clear ASMR-style audio from as close as 2 inches and functions well even at a distance of 6 inches. In our tests, it effectively picked up audio at 8 inches with minimal background noise, courtesy of its cardioid pattern.

AM8’s cardioid design makes it most sensitive to sound coming from directly in front of it (the “on-axis” sound), while it rejects or minimizes sound coming from the sides and rear (the “off-axis” sound). So, your keyboard clacking while playing an FPS game would also be minimal, making it perfect for gaming streamers. 

What sets it apart is its ability to deliver nearly the same audio quality as other flagship mics on a live stream, all without requiring you to jump through a hundred hoops. 

Finally, the best streamer-friendly feature is the sensory mute icon on the body. With just one touch, AM8 blocks all input. You no longer have to clutter your Steamdeck with an extra bind when you can just instantly block out the unwanted noise. This is a lifesaver for streamers sharing a bedroom or living in a noisy area. 

AM8 is handy and convinient

AM8’s handy design and build make for the lack of software. Its build quality stands out as its most significant advantage, providing seamless customization and audio control during gaming sessions. For example, a built-in headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring allows you to hear your voice in real-time without delay and is handy for adjusting your volume and ensuring you’re always coming in the clear.

Fifine AM8

AM8 has sound knobs and a mute sensor on either side, which should make functionality a bit awkward. But, the mic comes with a full 360-rotational stand that allows for versatile positioning and movement of the microphone. 

Looks pretty with any gaming setup

Aesthetics are secondary in mic quality, but AM8 is a rare product that is high quality and works as a table accessory. 

We opted for the white AM8 microphone as a refreshing change after years of using a plain AT2020 in metal black. The sleek white design was a breath of fresh air. Not to mention the customizable RGB stripe at the base, which can be adjusted with a simple touch. In addition to the audio knobs, FIFINE has included a touch-sensitive button for RGB lighting, offering a choice of ten different color variations. We prefer to keep the mic set to a cool white light, but the options are endless. 

Blog post image

FIFINE AM8 is simple…too simple 

We want to mention that FIFINE AM8 is not the mic for recording or music artists. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to use and handy, which can be a flaw for audiophiles looking to tinker with their recordings. FIFINE AM8 is ideal for streaming games and conducting simple JustChatting streams. Still, the lack of software and profound audio settings makes it less suitable for song recording and other complex tasks. Unlike with other recording devices, artists have limited post-recording mixing capabilities. 

AM8’s simplicity could be a plus for casual streaming, but it’s not the perfect studio mic by a long stretch. The AM8 may not have the best noise-handling capabilities, which can be a crucial factor when recording in a studio environment where minimizing background noise is essential. Moreover, depending on the specific needs of a studio, other microphones may offer specialized features, such as extremely low self-noise or extended frequency response, which the AM8 may not provide.


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