FF XIV Dawntrail new jobs teased, what could they be?

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 31, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Dawntrail is adding updated graphics, delicious tacos, and new jobs to the MMO.

Square Enix is finally pulling back the curtain on the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. The MMORPG has a history of fantastic content updates, and Dawntrail will seek to maintain that pedigree. One of the best parts of any expansion is the new jobs, which give players new ways to express themselves both visually and mechanically. While there’s no official confirmation of what they will be, the game’s developers may have already given a hint for the new jobs coming in Dawntrail.

For context, previous FF XIV expansion announcements have always included secret hints about the classes. These hints are hidden in the shirt worn by series producer Naoki Yoshida. Previous connections include a Batman shirt for the addition of Dark Knight, Bug Bunny for the Viera reveal, and a Spiderman shirt, as in Sam Raimi, for Samurai. 

Yoshi P Dawntrail new jobs teaser

This brings us to the Dawntrail reveal. The community’s beloved producer, affectionately known as Yoshi P, wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt for the reveal. With the shirt connections varying between remarkably subtle and downright obvious, what can his TMNT gear tell us about the new jobs coming in Dawntrail?

New Dawntrail jobs may be Pictomancer and Green Mage

Based on Yoshi P’s signature shirt spoiler, the new jobs in Dawntrail could include Pictomancer and Green Mage.

If we assume that the hint is more subtle, the names of the turtles could be the clue. The four fighters are named after painters from the Renaissance, so it could refer to the act of painting itself. If so, the Pictomancer would have a clear link. This job has only appeared in Final Fantasy VI, and it involves using magical paintbrushes to bring art to life. Pictomancer Relm Arrowny’s signature Sketch ability could transfer directly to the MMO, though it would need serious fleshing out to become a fully-fledged job.

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If the reference is more straightforward, Dawntrail could add another new option to the various mage jobs. Green Mage originated in the Tactics spinoff series but has made appearances in XII and the card game. Green Mages specialize in buffing their teammates and nerfing their enemies, which makes them a natural fit for an MMORPG. Similar to Pictomancer, the jobs’ few appearances will require quite a bit of work to make complete.

If Yoshi P decided to give up on subtlety entirely, expect to see a new ninja turtle job instead.