Fans can now predict esports outcomes via new Fandom platform

By William Davis


Apr 23, 2021

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Sports predictions took a blazing turn when it went electronic. 

Esports predictions lured out the gambler in many who had enough reasons not to gamble before its emergence. The added comfort introduced by the highly innovative esports prediction platforms like Fandom makes the game more attractive, despite the possible risks. 

Today we have betting companies offering platforms with varieties of fascinating gaming opportunities on phones. For the first time, you can lie on your couch and a satisfying best casino experience. The virtual reality of gaming and esports predictions seamlessly merges with physical reality.

Fandom is a Canadian esports media company whose interest in esports is in developing proprietary gaming microservices. For Fandom, there is no need to invest in esports if the end-product does not present the gaming experience the way you want it. With the launch of its new gaming platform, Fandom plans to enhance your gaming experience even further. You can make your predictions and even tag friends from a new platform list. You can play friendlies or global games. Or you can simply watch and enjoy other fans in the community play.

The esports company announced the new platform and what it promises to its millions of fans earlier this year. Fandom slated the launching of the wagering platform for the second quarter of 2021, at which time the real-time prediction options shall be made available on the software for fans to check out. However, the full roll-out of the features will be complete by the fourth quarter of 2021. Fandom plans to make the software available to the Asian market by then.

Games currently covered by the new fandom platform grants fans access to the Fandom esports prediction platform. You only need to sign up for a user account on the platform and you will be launched to a place where you can make predictions on events. The esports predictions are centered on video games that include DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

The chief executive of Fandom, David Vinokuro, has promised in a comment that the games currently offered on the platform are only the beginning of many more on the way. In his words, “Our platform is a one-of-a-kind technology and what is live now is only the tip of the iceberg of what we have planned and what our technology is capable of.” 

Security of payment modes

Speaking further on the payment modes and the safety of such payments, Vinokuro’s comment hinted at the likelihood of crypto/blockchain linkages.

“We are currently testing various payment gateways and will launch the full wagering platform in early Q2, 2021, once our private cloud infrastructure is deployed,” Vinokuro said.

With the security of payment as a prime objective of Fandom, the adoption of cryptocurrency as the in-game currency further sets the platform apart from many other traditional sportsbooks.

The chief executive also commented on the efforts they are making to improve the exchangeability of their token strategy. Fandom also announced that their wagering platform makes provisions for players to win assorted in-game rewards like tickets, skins, avatars, promo materials, etc. Every esports platform wants to maximize its flexibility. However, Fandom is a platform that cannot afford a reputation of rigidity among its fans. 

Amid tightening competition among esports platforms, it is clear that Fandom is building its technology to stand tall and distinguished with varieties of possible gaming outcomes. However, NoDepositExplorer, a popular esports no deposit betting site reviewer, ranks 1xbit as the place to play these outcomes.

Raising the stakes on social esports betting

Fandom offers its players a betting platform that separates itself from the traditional esports betting platforms, which issue betting odds on the outcome games for players to wager on. Unlike these platforms, players on Fandom do not have to deal with unfavorable odds. Instead, they can pick and choose what games they want to play and then type in the preferred predictions they wish to wager.

According to a report, you can type in a prediction like, “X will die in the first round,” and then select what you are staking, ultimately your wager public. The addition Fandom has is that other players on the platform can view your predictions and even bet for or against them. Players also have the option to add friends and bet with or against them on the platform. A player can also choose not to play and simply select games to watch or follow their outcomes. These features make the Fandom wagering platform exciting and interactive.


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