Fans can adopt cute dogs and puppies at 2020 LCS tailgate

By Marta Juras


Feb 16, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

In front of the doors to the LCS Studio, League of Legends fans today have an opportunity to spend some time with puppies, hopefully also deciding to adopt them.

In collaboration with Los Angeles’ dog rescue Wags and Walks, the LCS is bringing adoptable dogs to the tailgate of this week’s 2020 LCS Spring Split. Wags and Walks shelters family friendly dogs from high-kill shelters, meaning these dogs were looking to face euthanasia. On the bright side, their tails are still wagging, and they’re looking for new owners amongst League of Legends fans.

Though today is a Dog LCS Day, fans aren’t allowed to bring their own pets. The spotlight is solely on those that are searching for a new home.

Teams bringing limited merch for dogs to the LCS tailgate

To make the day even more special, some of the teams participating in the league prepared limited-time merchandise or contributed in some other ways to promote this charitable event.

Dignitas ran a stream playing with puppies and is sharing dog treats for free. Golden Guardians is offering cupcakes for dogs on its tailgate along with rubber balls for play. Similarly, Cloud9 has blue tennis balls, and has also added a dog bandana with its logo for four-legged fans to its offer today. Evil Geniuses even prepared a pet jersey for this special occasion.

Some of the dogs available for adoption made it into the studio as well, joining hosts for the LCS Countdown show ahead of the games.

The events Wags and Walks is holding at the LCS tailgate is a great way of promoting the importance of adoption. Huge numbers of dogs, as well as other pets, wait in empty boxes of shelters for their destiny to be decided on. Showing the LCS’ young audience how adorable and well-behaved sheltered puppies are might as well save a few more fluffy lives today.