Fan drafts a concept for a new Valorant Guru who gathers information

Fariha Bhatti • March 15, 23:55

It’s only been a few weeks since the new agent Astra landed in Riot’s shooter, but players still have tons of new ideas for Valorant agents. 

A fan has drafted a concept for a new Valorant agent. User RivalRudra has laid out the barebones for Guru, an agent that easily fits in Valorant’s fierce and whimsical frame. 

Riot Games has always been keen on addressing community response and ideas for its tactical shooter. Whether it’s creative concepts for new skins, bug reports, or input on ranked games, the developers have remained in the loop. The warm response encourages players to pour out their creativity and share it with the world. Rival Rudra’s recent creation has earned a positive response from the Valorant community that is still waiting for a bombshell agent like Killjoy after Yoru’s underwhelming release. 

Agent Guru is a cross of Cypher and Omen in terms of his powers. However, his background sets him as Omen’s arch-enemy, despite sharing similar struggles in their pasts. Omen’s lore is well-known among the fans. His soul was crushed into nothing as a result of a failed experiment, turning him into a ghost. On the flipside, Guru made unscathed out of the same operation, taking a hybrid human form. The agent can transform into a spirit and a human at will, unlike Omen, who’ll forever remain a shadow. Omen envies Guru’s ability to hold onto his human form, according to the creator. 

Both agents clash in their history but share similar dark matter that fuels their powers. While Omen is darkness itself, Guru focuses his dark energy to gather intel, like an Initiator. 

Fan-created new Valorant agent gathers intel

Much like Viper, Guru stores a particular amount of dark matter that triggers his powers. The fuel meter bolsters his abilities and can run down after a while. Like some other initiators and controllers, Guru doesn’t deal in damage. 

Ability 2 (E) – Surface Latch: EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to tap into Revenant State and latch onto a suitable wall. When latched, use the mouse to look around. Latching lasts until the Dark Matter gauge empties.

Ability (Q) – Dark Patrol: EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to launch a projectile that seeks out the nearest enemy and marks them on the minimap for allies and yourself

Signature Ability (C ) – Chaos Charge: EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to launch a projectile which, upon collision, deals 25 damage and causes the Shambles effect. Allies take lesser damage and don’t get the Shambles effect.

Ultimate Ability (X) – Revenant Flight : EQUIP dark matter. FIRE to tap into Revenant State and rise into the air. Then, freely fly and land anytime. Flight lasts until the Dark Matter gauge empties. 

The agent has a lot in common with controller Astra, who flies around the map to shower stars. She can’t utilize her Astral form to gather information, but Guru’s ultimate seems like an advanced version of Astral form. While it seems improbable that the developers would release a new agent any time soon, the response to RivalRudra’s creation proves that players want Valorant’s next agent to be an intel-gatherer. 


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