F1 Esports launch Women’s Wildcard qualification to Pro Exhibition

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 12, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

F1 Esports has officially announced a female-only qualification route to the Pro Exhibition called the F1 Esports Series Women’s Wildcard.  

In an attempt to better include female drivers in F1 Esports, a female-only qualification event has been created, leading all the way to the Pro Exhibition for a chance at getting picked up by a professional team in the F1 Pro Series. In the previous four seasons, no female driver has taken part in the professional F1 Esports ranks, but 2021 looks to be the year when that might change. 

The Women’s Wildcard will be open for female racers and will take place from May 3 to 9. The drivers will be tested on who’s the fastest and most talented on the track. The best driver will move on to the Pro Exhibition, where all the professional teams will be represented to scout new talent.

With more awareness and better opportunities available for female drivers, the clear goal is to see more female drivers enter the scene from a grassroots level. With the right structure and time, it might only be a matter of time before the first female driver gets selected for a professional F1 Esports team and will enter the big stage. 

The Women’s Wildcard qualifier will be open for any female driver with a valid Codemasters account and the F1 2020 game. From that point, the in-game performance will decide who moves on to the qualifier. The fastest overall time between May 3 to 9 will decide which female driver will get the chance at the Pro Exhibition. While there is no guarantee that the selected driver will be picked up by a pro team, the chances are looking better than ever. 

What is the F1 Esports Pro Exhibition? 

The F1 Esports Pro Exhibition is a special event where the 10 official F1 Esports teams will have the chance to scout and pick up new talented players for the season. The Pro Exhibition takes place in late May and will have the players compete in different in-game competitions for the players to show their true skill in front of the teams. The Pro Exhibition will take place on Thursday, May 27. 

Which teams participate in the F1 Pro Series 2021? 

The F1 Pro Series will be back in 2021 with the 10 best teams competing with their world-class players. The teams participating in 2020 will be back this year, but with a few changes

The F1 Pro Series 2021 teams: 

  • Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen F1 Esports
  • Aston Martin Esports
  • FDA Esports Team
  • Haas F1 Team Esports
  • McLaren Team Esports
  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team
  • Red Bull Racing Esports Team
  • Alpine Esports Team
  • Scuderia Alphatauri Esports Team
  • Williams Esports