Ezreal is getting a rework in latest League patch

By Milo Webb


Oct 12, 2018

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One of League of Legends’ oldest champions is getting a visual and gameplay update in an upcoming patch.

Ezreal was released eight years ago and has been one of the game’s most popular champions. He was the first character to be given an ultimate skin, and has seen consistent use in competitive play.

All of Ezreal’s older splash arts have been updated to match with League of Legends’ current art direction. Additionally, his in-game models and animations have been completely revamped to match up with the newest champions’ visuals.

Riot Games has been routinely updating older champions, most recently Nunu and the assassin Akali.

Ezreal’s abilities have aged well compared to many other early champions. Lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles stated that the developers kept this in mind while redesigning him. It was decided that Ezreal’s W would be changed, as it wasn’t as effective as his other abilities.

“Ezreal players aren’t in love with his current W, Essence Flux, so we will be updating that ability to be more in-line with his theme of an ace spellslinger—lining up shots then knocking ’em down,” Mireles said.

When Ezreal fires his new W it attaches to the first champion, epic monster, or objective hit. Striking the target with another ability or attack will refund 60 mana plus the cost of the ability that detonated Essence Flux. With his new W having a cost of only 50 mana, Ezreal will always come out ahead if both abilities connect. A 12 second cooldown will prevent players from spamming the ability.

While Ezreal’s update might not be as significant as Nunu’s recent overhaul, player’s will be glad to see a renewed version of the champion exploring the nooks and crannies of Summoner’s Rift.


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