Everything we know about the new Halo show after episode 1

By Nicholas James


Mar 25, 2022

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The Halo show has premiered on Paramount Plus, and here’s everything we know about the Halo show after episode 1.

The live-action adaptation takes place in an alternate version of the Halo universe relative to the core Halo games, with a few key differences to note. Episode 1 of the Halo show introduces us to a new version of Master Chief, Doctor Halsey, and the world players know. Here are some of the details you might have missed in the new show’s first episode.

Halo show episode 1 unmasks Master Chief

In the first episode of the Halo show, Master Chief meets the covenant during a counter-insurgency operation in the outer rim of settled planets. During the operation he takes the daughter of the lead insurgent prisoner, Kwan Ha played by Yerin Ha, in order to take her back to the UNSC. A forerunner artifact awakens latent memories of Master Chief’s life before the Spartan-II program and Spartan 117 goes rogue in the final moments of the episode, escaping with Kwan Ha.

The first sequence of the episode depicts Master Chief and Silver team performing the original role of the Spartan-II super-soldiers, anti-insurgency operations targetting the civilian rebels groups in the outer rim. During the operation, Master Chief thwarts a Covenant strike team that is trying to extract an unknown artifact from a nearby rock formation. The artifact very closely matches the Forerunner aesthetic, though the UNSC doesn’t appear to be familiar with the ancient race of aliens just yet in this version of the Halo universe.

After UNSC command catches Master Chief speaking with Kwan Ha, they try to neutralize both the Spartan and the young rebel. Master Chief and Kwan regain control of the ship before the Forerunner artifact shuts down all technology around the Pelican and Master Chief escapes with Kwan Ha in tow. The core story threads left hanging after episode one of the Halo show are Master Chief recovering his memories, the nature of the forerunner artifact, and the conspicuous absence of the series’ titular Halo rings.

Master Chief recovering his memories would mean knowing the truth about the Spartan-II program. Doctor Halsey and ONI kidnapped and modified civilian children into Spartans, replacing them with replica clones designed to quickly die from manufactured genetic defects. This realization seems to be the driving force behind Master Chief turning against the UNSC in the start of the show.

More episodes release each week, so stay tuned to WIN.gg for the latest Halo show theories and updates.


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