Everything trainers need to know about Pokemon Go promo codes

By Nick Johnson


Mar 16, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Niantic’s Pokemon Go is still going strong, with trainers all over the world taking raiding remotely, grabbing free weekly boxes, and just having an all around good time inside the Pokemon world. That’s no surprise, because Pokemon Go’s promo codes have made getting free items that much easier.

The developers brought the system back last year, rewarding players that enter the codes with a variety of items, but some players might not know where to get Pokemon Go codes, what rewards they’ll get with them, or where to turn them in. Luckily, we’ve got the answers.

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What are Pokemon Go promo codes?

Pokemon Go’s promotional codes are codes that players can turn in for a whole bunch of different items. The items can be everyday items such as stacks of Poke Balls or potions, but the game’s special events can reward players with one of Pokemon Go’s cosmetic items. 

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These can be outfits for Trainers or new poses, and nothing says “you don’t want to meet me in Master League” like striking an intimidating pose. For example, Verizon just teamed up with Trainers to bring a Verizon-themed outfit to Pokemon Go last October. It’s definitely intimidating.

Where do you get Pokemon Go promo codes?

While the Verizon outfit was limited to Verizon customers, Pokemon Go’s promo codes are usually much easier for Trainers to get their hands on. Codes will show up on Niantic’s Pokemon Go Twitter account pretty regularly. The developer also just announced that players will get promo codes from its new referral program, so if you bring a friend into Pokemon Go’s world and they use your Trainer code, you get a sweet reward.

The great thing about the codes is that since they’re often posted by Niantic on social media, everyone uses the same code. And while they expire pretty quickly after they’re released, the promo codes can be used by thousands of people. Just know that once a Trainer redeems a code, they can’t redeem it again.

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How do you redeem promo codes?

Redeeming the codes is the easiest part of the process. There are two ways players can get their hands on the free promotional items.

Option 1: Redeem Pokemon Go codes inside the app

Players just have to open up the Pokemon Go app and head over to the redemption center. Hit the Poke Ball on the game’s main screen to head to the map, and then press the shop button. Once in the shop, enter the code in the text field at the bottom and press “Redeem.”

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Option 2: Enter promo codes on Niantic’s Pokemon Go website

Option two is for Trainers to enter the codes online by going to the Pokemon Go website, available through this link. Log in, enter the code, and it’s all done!

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Why isn’t my code working?

Promo codes only last for a limited time, so making sure players keep up on Niantic’s social media is pretty key. Reddit is also a great place to find any that trainers might have missed, as players are pretty good about posting codes there as soon as they appear.

How long do Pokemon Go promo codes last?

Some last for hours and some last for days. How long players have before the promo codes expire is usually based on how rare the item is. So while a palette of Poke Balls might last for a week, a promo code that’s tied to an event might not.

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Whether players are enjoying a Pokemon Go raid or preparing to take one another on at next week’s Master League Season 7, promo code items are an easy way to grab some extra items for one of mobile’s most successful games.