Everything there is to know about axolotls in Minecraft

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Axolotls are mysterious creatures, but skilled Minecraft players can turn them into adorable pets.

Axolotls are a neutral Minecraft mob that can be tamed into a pet. They can attack other mobs, but deal very little damage and pose no threat to the player. Their cute appearance makes axolotls a sought-after pet in Minecraft. Knowledge of what to feed axolotls, how to breed them, and how to name them will get your new aquarium off to a great start.

Axolotls make a great pet in Minecraft, but they aren’t mobile like a dog or a horse. Don’t expect to take them on any adventures. They can die if they are left out of water for more than a couple of minutes. You’ll need to build an aquarium to keep them in your home. Axolotls come in a variety of colors including a super-rare blue variant. 

What do axolotls eat in Minecraft?

To feed axolotls in Minecraft, use a bucket full of tropical fish on them. To acquire buckets of tropical fish, go to the ocean and look for schools of clownfish. Use a filled water bucket on their model to catch the tropical fish.

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Just like in real life, Minecraft axolotls are natural predators. They survive by eating other creatures alive, which isn’t the case for most other Minecraft wildlife. This is actually reflected by their specific diet of buckets of tropical fish. Fish items represent prepared fish meat. With the bucket, the player is presumably introducing live prey to the axolotls habitat.

How to breed axolotls in Minecraft

If you already have a couple of axolotls, you can turn them into a whole bunch more. Axolotl breeding requires at least two adult specimens and some buckets of tropical fish. Feed both axolotls until you see red hearts above their heads. Soon, a new member of the family should appear. Baby axolotls will mature naturally over 20 minutes or accelerated by feeding the infant buckets of tropical fish.

The axolotl baby will receive one of its parents’ colors at random, but there is a very small chance to spawn a rare Minecraft axolotl color. For every axolotl breeding, there is a one in 1,200 chance for the baby to be blue. Blue axolotls are the only rare variant in Minecraft.

How to name an axolotl in Minecraft

Naming an axolotl is actually a little more involved than naming other pets like llamas or dogs. To name an axolotl, you must first put it in a bucket. Just like the tropical fish, click on the axolotl while holding a bucket full of water.

Then take the bucket to an anvil and begin the naming process. When you dump the axolotl back into its habitat, it will have the inscribed name.

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