Even pro players can’t believe this Sona dart lineup for Icebox

Fariha Bhatti • May 10, 23:43

Players are constantly pushing the limits of Sova’s arrow lineups, but this new one has managed to shock even retired FPS pro Tarik “tarik” Celik. 

During tarik’s recent stream, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player witnessed an insane Sova arrow that shocked his entire team. Icebox’s A site is relatively enclosed, which limits Sova’s abilities to execute exceptional plays. A player made his bolt travel from the middle area to A site, catching all the defenders, including tarik, by complete surprise. 

tarik was holding an angle on top of screens when Snapiex’s arrow landed right on top of the streamer’s head. tarik was left shell shocked by the bizarre route of this lineup and jumped down from his now revealed position in utter confusion. 

“What did I just witness?” tarik said. “Their arrow was fucking out of this world.”

The streamer was hiding in a powerful spot that could bag him easy kills from the middle and A entrance. However, by the time he noticed the arrow, his crucial position had already been revealed to attackers. 

Valorant’s ever-growing agent roster has a variety of intense abilities that can win you rounds, but no other agent gathers as much intel as Sova does. The Initiator employs his bow and arrows to reveal enemy locations and make way for his teammates. Sova’s kit is tough to master as there are hundreds of lineups you can create with his long-range arrows, but it’s all worth the effort in the end. This new lineup shows how crazy Sova’s old-fashioned bow and arrow is. 

Sova’s new arrow on Icebox exposes enemies

While there are many lineups to expose enemies on A site on Icebox, this one will be more effective for Sova than your average bolt. Enemies will already be revealed before figuring out the arrow’s position to break it, making it a deadly lineup on Icebox. Here’s how you can replicate it in the game. 

Stand on top of mid boxes and attach the corner line of your health hud with the metal on the blue container as shown in the video.

Activate double bounce and load the charge to the second bar. The arrow will bounce against the tower, hit the ground, and attach on top of screens, revealing enemies on the defender’s central area, back of A site, and A rafters. 

This is by one of the craziest Sova lineups found on Icebox. Using this unique setup, Sova players can make the complicated cold location easier for their teammates. 


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