EU Masters final broke record with peak at over 377,000 viewers

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The first European Masters event of the year gathered a lot of attention from fans and had an impressive peak viewership during the final. 

In the grand final between Karmine Corp and BT Excel, thousands of viewers tuned into the intense series that was won 3-1 by Karmine Corp. The final got an impressive amount of attention from the French stream and combined with all the other broadcasts it reached an impressive peak viewership of 377,531 viewers. This isn’t only the highest viewership of any EU Masters event but also got close to the LEC and LCS broadcast in viewership. 

According to Esports Charts, all EU Masters streams broke all records during the final. Only one day before the final, EU Masters reached over 282,000 viewers in the semifinal between Karmine Corp and UCAM Esports Club. These numbers were to get beaten in the final, where the French viewers showed how much potential that community has. 

The French stream alone broke 300,000 viewers, with assistance from the official English broadcast, Spanish broadcast, and other national streams. During the Spring Split, the French stream has broken one record after the other with hungry fans tuning in to see the French teams play in the LFL.

A team like Karmine Corp has boosted the viewership a lot during the 2021 spring split alongside Team BDS, who have gathered big fan bases in a short amount of time. After just one split of existence, Karmine Corp has won the LFL, EU Masters, and had a great deal of influence on the exploding viewership EU Masters has seen. 

EU Masters viewership closes in on the LCS 

With the most successful EU Masters event behind us, the tournament has reached a point where it can go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest leagues in the world. In comparison to the most recent LCS split, EU Masters isn’t far behind in peak viewership. 

In fact, the EU Masters final would place second in most popular LCS matches during the Spring Split, beating the Mid-Season Showdown semifinal between TSM and Team Liquid with over 35,000 peak viewers. The most popular match of the 2021 LCS Spring Split was the grand final between Cloud9 and Team Liquid which reached a peak viewership of 415,000. 

The talented players and great organizations in the European regional leagues are certainly starting to get attention and might be back even stronger during the EU Masters Summer event later this year. Until then, all teams will be back in the regional leagues and maybe some players will make it to the LEC this summer. 


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