Esports, iGaming, and online casinos all see massive growth across shared industries

By Jared Wynne


Aug 20, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Over the past decades, and especially in the past few years, there has been a significant growth of user engagement in online casino games and esports. This has led to certain innovations in the industries, skyrocketing revenues for operators, and overall greater development potential for digital gambling.

Now, esports and iGaming industries are two thriving branches of the global casino network as more players are going digital. The online casino market and esports are booming, and here’s why.

Esports gambling and online casino industry in 2020

Economic changes have impacted the global casino and gambling industries. However, these changes weren’t necessarily bad for the operators who decided to invest in mobile and online gambling platforms. While retail casinos, as well as other conventional betting methods, face many difficulties, other sorts of online entertainment have stepped up.

Incorporating esports into casinos

The popularity of esports has made many casino operators interested. What got them thinking is this online gambling info that shows esports managed to go from nearly 385 million views to an impressive 454 million over a period of one year in 2019. This kind of rapid growth for an industry had a great influence on making it an inviting field for the gambling industry. 

This is precisely why casino giants became interested and began offering esports as one of their gambling options. This market turned out to have great potential for betting through any casino operator. Now, billions of dollars are spent on an annual basis through esports betting, and the number keeps growing. 

Shaping the future of the esports gambling market

The popularization of esports on an international scale happened gradually. Step by step, the esports niche managed to climb nearer to the very top of the entertainment industry, and together with betting options fueling its economic advance, it gained a much broader audience.

The challenges this industry and gaming bettors could face in the future are yet unknown, but for now, the smaller overall tournament coverage by operators seems to be one of the primary issues. The majority of sportsbooks, esports gambling apps, and online casinos available worldwide, such as those that can be found at LoopX, mostly offer major leagues and tournaments. In order to give the esports bettors more choices, esports gambling sites should expand their range of betting markets and leagues offered.  

More worldwide markets

2019 was a great year for online gambling all around the world. Many countries that had an unregulated online gambling marketplace sorted the issue out and brought on new regulations. That includes a number of states in the United States. Playing online casino games is now more widespread, and more consistently legal, than ever before. However, betting on esports still remains unregulated in some parts of the world. 

Online gaming opportunities continue to grow internationally, but some European countries and US states have a ways to go yet. On the other hand, competitive gaming is immensely popular in these parts of the world. Some of the top-rated and popular esports games include Dota 2,, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

iGaming industry recent developments

Online casino games and sports betting markets have had their fair share of popularity over the past decade. From standard automated iGaming to live dealing experiences, gamblers all around the globe have had the opportunity to witness a shift in the industry.

With everything becoming more user-friendly, more accessible, and more instantaneous, it is no wonder that this niche is developing so rapidly. With an enormous number of users, it’s an industry that many are finding worthy of further investment, just as is the case with esports. 

Esports and iGaming are two examples of digital entertainments that are on rapid tracks for growth. The only question now is just how far each industry will go.

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