Error code 10003001 in Helldivers 2: Fixed

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 21, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Since Arrowhead Game Studios and Sony Interactive released Helldivers 2, players have been rushing in to take the game for a spin, resulting in an error code 10003001 for many players. 

The sky-rocketing popularity of Helldivers 2 has put a strain on server performance. The increasing traffic and interest from the co-op community has resulted in connectivity issues for newer players trying to get into the game. While this is primarily a server-related issue, which will be fixed once a new patch rolls in or traffic recedes, eager players can try a few fixes. 

If you’re getting the servers at capacity in Helldivers 2 or error code 10003001, try the following methods.

Helldivers 2 player count

Confirm server status 

Servers at capacity error in Helldivers 2 often stems from the game client, so it’s worth checking if the game is undergoing maintenance or if servers are even up. As of now, there’s no website to check server status, but you can stay in touch with game updates on the game’s official page on X or join the official Discord server

On February 11, the developer informed the players ahead of time regarding an upcoming downtime via X. Keeping up with their social platforms can help you steer clear of such issues.

Restart the internet and device 

If servers are up, then it could be your connection causing the connectivity issue. To troubleshoot, turn off your computer or PS5 and then restart the router. Once that’s done, boot up the game and try to connect to a server again. 

Additionally, checking for any recent updates or patches for the game might also resolve any persistent connectivity issues before you log back into the game.

Disable crossplay

Many players have run into the 10003001 error so far and have tried different fixes. Surprisingly, there’s not one solution that works for all the players. Some have reported that the error was gone once they turned off crossplay. 

If your crossplay is enabled in Helldivers 2, try to reconnect after disabling it. 


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