Ender leaving LEC after 3 years, so where is he going next?

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

LEC caster Christy “Ender” Frierson will be leaving the LEC broadcast desk after three years as a regular part of the on-air team. 

In a recent video, Ender explained to the community that he will be stepping down from the LEC broadcasting team and will return to Los Angeles after three years in Berlin. Ender has been an important member of the LEC crew since 2018 and a big part of all the content that has been produced besides the official LEC broadcast. During the three years, Ender has cast the 2020 World Championship quarterfinals and 2021 LEC Spring Split final as a color caster. 

The absence of Ender in the LEC will likely leave a big hole on the broadcast team. While Ender has been the youngest part of the LEC on-air team, he has quickly become a fan favorite and brought valuable analysis to every broadcast.

It’s still unknown who will fill Ender’s shoes on the LEC broadcast starting from the 2021 LEC Summer Split. The team might add another caster to take his spot or continue its success with a rotating cast of guests. If a completely new caster is getting picked up, there will be plenty of talent to choose from in the European Regional League broadcasts. 

What will Ender do next after leaving the LEC?

With Ender stepping away from one of the biggest LoL broadcasts in the world, he won’t be done with League of Legends. It’s still expected that Ender will be a part of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational broadcast starting on May 6. After MSI, it will likely be Ender’s last official broadcast for a while. 

According to Ender himself, he will shift focus and start doing more content on his own when he returns to Los Angeles. This content will include co-streaming of the LCS and making content around the league, making it clear that he won’t move away from League of Legends completely. 

To add to his resume, Ender is also looking to get more involved in the Valorant scene which is currently starting to boom in North America. 


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