DrDisrespect loses his mind over Xbox notifications in Gears 5

Morten Marstal • September 12, 18:45

Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm is well known for his outbursts on stream, and fans were delighted after a Gears 5 playthrough brought about his latest outrage.

The Twitch star was trying to play through Gears 5, a newly released sequel to the Gears of War franchise that was released on September 6. During his playthrough, constant notifications from the online Xbox service began to annoy him, and his anger steadily rose as the stream went along.

DrDisrespect is known to get angry from time to time, and these notifications popped up so frequently that fans knew an outburst was inevitable before he could even get into the meat of the game. He spent a large amount of time trying to fix the issue on stream, to no avail. He even resigned himself to searching for step-by-step instructions to stop the relentless Xbox popups.

DrDisrespect rages again


Some viewers tried to help the Doc to remedy his problem, but after each try he only got more frustrated, and even said he was going to start banning people if their solutions didn’t work.

“I’m going to start banning. I’m following it. If you’re wrong, and I can’t access that, you’re out of the Champions Club. Simple as that!” DrDisrespect yelled. 

After his last attempt to get the notifications to stop, he absolutely lost it.

“You fuckin’… You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me! You gotta be kidding me!”

He punched his desk in frustration and finally walked off stream. All to the amusement of his thousands of viewers.

DrDisrespect’s explosive episodes are not rare occasions. He often loses his cool in response to his gameplay, or to bad game design. He uninstalled the massively popular battle royale game Apex Legends over a game design issue that has persisted since launch. 

DrDisrespect entertains over 3.6 million fans on Twitch and is one of the top performers on the platform. Events like this one, while they may be frustrating for streamer at the time, are likely to only further that success.


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