Dr Disrespect faces backlash from mobile gaming community

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV’s earlier jab at mobile gaming reignited a storm of controversy, with many mobile gaming professionals challenging him to a 1v1. The gaming doctor has finally responded to all the critics in one of his videos

Dr Direspect’s infamous tweet, which hinted at mobile gaming to be non-serious, enraged the entire community. In his tweet, the legendary streamer boasted about his expensive PC setup and compared it with mobile phone devices.

Mobile gaming currently has a player base that is way larger than PC gaming, hence, the relentless backlash followed.

The tweet sparked the same old comparisons, and even esports professionals chipped in. Renowned CoD Mobile player Luke “iFerg” Fergie challenged Dr Disrespect in a 1v1, to which the Two-Time never reacted. 

Dr Disrespect responds to the backlash

In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect addressed the criticism thrown his way in a witty manner. The streamer was seen playing a game on his flip phone as he animatedly ranted about the poor internet connection. The whole pretense was a jab at the quality of mobile gaming, making it less serious than PC gaming, according to Dr Disrespect. 

The streamer indirectly hinted at mobile esports multiple times during the stream, then finally addressed the controversy that his tweet stirred. 

“I’m getting a lot of heat these days on Twitter. I just explained what my setup was in comparison to a mobile gaming setup,” he said. “I shouldn’t even say anything anymore.”

The streamer continued to defend his stance and tried to make light of it, saying that he just asked an innocent question. However, it was evident that Dr Disrespect’s views regarding mobile gaming haven’t changed much as he turned down Valkyrae’s offer to play Among us with her and the squad because among us looks “worse than a mobile game.”

Mobile esports scene continues to grow in 2020

While there’s a huge skill difference between both the esport scenes, mobile gaming is growing much faster due to accessibility and abundance of tournaments.

When it comes to the skill gap and investment on peripherals, PC Gaming does take the cake. Whatever the case, the comparison of both is absurd as mobile gaming is still relatively new to the scene. Ryan Watt, head of YouTube Gaming, took to Twitter and confirmed that FreeFire was the fourth most-viewed game in 2019, while the game continues to break records in 2020. 

Dr Disrespect’s opinion about mobile gaming is hard to get behind, especially when mobile games such as PUBG mobile, Call of Duty, and FireFire have created an enormous player and viewer base in a short time. 


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