Dota Plus Winter Update adds new skins and unusual courier

Kenneth Williams • December 2, 21:29

Thanks to the Dota Plus Winter Update, Dota 2 fans have a new set of items to spend their shards on. 

Valve has released a new Dota 2 update that brings changes to Dota Plus. The seasonal update adds a new Wintry Treasure with brand-new skins to collect and a very rare unusual courier. It also added a new set of Winter 2021 quests to complete. Lastly, Dota 2 fans can now purchase a new metal music pack by Swedish deathcore group Humanity’s Last Breath.

Wintry Treasure 2021 contains new skins for Spirit Breaker, Chaos Knight, Riki, Treant Protector, Arc Warden, Undying, and Lina. The skins do not have a Christmas or even winter theme, but they are much higher quality than the previous season’s 2014 rerun skins. The chase sets from this collection will most likely be Junktown Avenger Riki and Bogborne Treant Protector. The former gives a punk rock aesthetic to the assassin while the latter turns Treant into a jagged and fearsome monster.

A new Dota 2 music pack is included in the Dota Plus Winter Update. Titled “Void,” the new music tracks are entirely composed by Humanity’s Last Breath. It’s possible that some of the band members are fans of Valve’s MOBA. The set is a mix of tranquil soliloquies and speed metal, including a very intense Roshan fight track. The Dota 2 Void music pack is available on the home screen for $4.99.

New unusual courier added in Dota Plus Winter update

In addition to the seven new skins, Wintry Treasure 2021 also has the traditional unusual courier as the very rare reward. Bionic Birdie appears to be a strange hybrid of an ostrich and a dodo bird. The previous Dota Plus treasure also included a reference to New Zealand wildlife with the koala courier Ol’ Joe.

This treasure uses Dota 2’s trademark escalating odds. The first pull has a one in 20,000 chance to include Bionic Birdie. By the 18th opening, the odds increase to one in 16.

Every Bionic Birdie comes in unusual quality. Each one comes with a special combination of an ethereal and prismatic gem. The ethereal gem determines the unusual particle effect while the prismatic gem determines the color. Players can destroy their unusual courier to claim the gems. Unusual couriers from Dota Plus cannot be listed on the Steam market, traded, or gifted to other players.


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