Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant announced

By Nicholas James


Jul 6, 2023

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The new Diablo 4 season has been announced by Activision Blizzard, Season of the Malignant will launch on July 20, at 9 am PST.

Diablo 4, the latest installation in Activision Blizzard’s legendary isometric fantasy action RPG, has been taking over the gaming space. From famous streamers like Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek permanently losing characters to the Hardcore mode to fans figuring out how to farm the items they need, it seems like everybody is playing Diablo. The new season of Diablo 4 was announced today, and here’s everything we know about Season of the Malignant.

What is Season of the Malignant?

Season of the Malignant is the name for the first post-launch season for Diablo 4. Seasons are new content for end-game players stretched out over a certain period of time. Season of the Malignant will see players battling against a new brand of corruption from key villain Lilith.

Blizzard described it as “A new form of Lilith’s corruption has spread throughout Sanctuary, creating Malignant Monsters that roam the land overtaken with this infectious turmoil, minds lost and killing at random. Only you can fight back and harness the power of this twisted corruption to uncover the source of the Malignance and put it to an end.”

What’s new in Season of the Malignant?

The Diablo 4 developer has highlighted some of the biggest changes coming in Diablo’s first season. A new questline will see the player join up with Cormond, an ex-priest of the Cathedral of Light, to try and stop the sickness spread through Sanctuary.

The new season will also introduce Hearts of Malignance, a new upgrade system that allows players to harness powers from fallen enemies through Hearts of Malignance. There will be more than 30 new Hearts of Malignance that will buff player characters.

A new boss battle will see players square off with Varshan the Consumed, likely the source of the Malignance. Finally, there will be six new Unique items and seven new Legendary Aspects.

Fans of the new Diablo game who are twiddling their thumbs in late-game will only have to wait a few weeks before new content hits the action RPG.


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