DAMWON Gaming adds Khan as top laner for the 2021 LCK season

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 27, 2020

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The World Champions from DAMWON Gaming are making changes in the top lane for the 2021 season by adding Kim “Khan” Dong-ha.

The former FunPlus Phoenix and SKT T1 top laner will once again be back in the LCK, this time playing for another World Champion organization. Khan will replace Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, who became a free agent earlier this month. Nuguri is likely heading to the LPL, which leaves some big shoes for Khan to fill on DAMWON. 

Khan joins the team after a lackluster year with FPX, as the team failed to qualify for the 2020 World Championship and defend the title. FPX finished the 2020 LPL Summer Split in eighth place, which is the worst result since the organization entered the league in 2018. 

From 2021, Khan will be playing with a squad of champions that proved themselves as by far the best LCK team in 2020. Even though the team could still make changes, Khan will likely play alongside players such as Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu and Heo “ShowMaker” Hu. The environment should be perfect for Khan to reach his top level once again. 

Even though Khan will likely be the starting top laner for DAMWON in 2021, the organization also revealed the signing of the young top lane talent Kim “Chasy” Dong-hyeon, who recently won the 2020 CK Summer Split together with Awesome Spear. Chasy will learn from some of the best players in the world and look to develop throughout the upcoming season.  

It’s still unknown who FPX will be fielding in the top lane, after Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem also left the team earlier this month. Some rumors indicate that FPX has Nuguri in its sight, making it possible that the two organizations are swapping top laners. 


What role does Khan play in LoL?

Khan is a top lane player, which means that he is responsible for the upper side of the map. Top laners are known to play tanks, bruisers, and skirmishers. Khan is specifically known for his Fiora, which has been a pocket pick of his since he became a professional player.

Khan is considered a carry-style top laner, which means that he likes to play aggressive on champions that can carry the game. When needed, Khan is also able to play tank champions to help out his team. 

Who is DAMWON Gaming?

DAMWON Gaming is a League of Legends organization that plays in the best Korean league LCK. DAMWON is a fairly new organization but has already managed to make a name for themselves.

It all culminated in 2020 where DAMWON won the 2020 LCK Summer Split, followed up by winning the biggest title of the year at the 2020 World Championship.  


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