Dafran retires and returns in tumultuous week

Morten Marstal • November 21, 2018 5:44 pm

Eleven days after signing a contract with the Atlanta Reign, popular streamer Daniel “Dafran” Francesca said that he had uninstalled the game and was done with Overwatch. Now, he appears to be back.

Dafran originally took to Twitter with an upset outburst: “The end. I hate the game. Thought I could love it again and have passion but it’s impossible, I always end up soft throwing. Contract ended, Overwatch uninstalled, McDonalds here I come. For real though thanks for everything u have given me OW Community,” Dafran said..

A user on Reddit posted a clip from Dafran’s Twitch stream in which he could be seen uninstalling Overwatch from his computer.

Dafran also brought back his customized “pepe the frog” emotes on his Twitch stream. The emotes were removed from the stream in accordance with Overwatch League rules, as Blizzard has banned the popular meme character.

In the same stream, Dafran seemed to struggle with thrown games and with quelling an unruly live audience in his stream’s chat. In the past, he has been banned for similar offenses. When he played for Selfless Gaming, Dafran was banned from multiple Contenders seasons for what his team had called a “clear violation of Blizzard’s rules around player conduct, in addition to our own expectations of player/teammate conduct.”

This came after Blizzard had banned Dafran from competing for the remainder of competitive play during season five.

But the next day, Dafran appeared to take it all back. He said that he was still signed on with Atlanta’s new OWL franchise, and apologized to his team and his fans while admitting his mistakes. Dafran offered that he intends to stream less and focus more on “making myself and my team better” ahead of season two.


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