CSGO-style butterfly knife is coming to Valorant soon

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s lavish inventory has all sorts of vibrant and insane skins that players have spent big cash on. However, the extensive store is still lacking the infamous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive butterfly knife. 

Valorant has easily beaten many other traditional shooters in terms of skin collection. Riot Games has crafted skins themed around forests, agent lore, kingdoms, and different themes that add more meaning to already fierce weapons. While Valorant skins are top-notch, some fans still think it doesn’t have a melee weapon as solid as CSGO’s butterfly knife. 

In a recent livestream, Valorant developers have confirmed that Riot Games is taking the feedback regarding skins into account, and players may see their favorite CSGO melee in Valorant. 

Keen-eyed players spotted a shiny butterfly knife swinging in the hands of Yoru when Episode 2 was dropped. Everyone was expecting the Episode 2 bundle to bring the stylish weapon. Unfortunately, it was just part of the cinematic. Since then, Valorant players have been bugging the developer to design a similar knife, and it seems they’ve heard the pleas. 

During Riot’s Episode 3 launch stream, the developers confirmed that a CS:GO style knife is in the works. In the live stream art lead Sean Marino and producer Preeti Khanolkar, Marino hinted that players would soon get the frisky blades in their stores. 

“A lot of people have commended us for being very active with the community on like, Twitter, Reddit, things like that.  We’re not ignoring the feedback. We want butterfly knives as much as you do, all in due time,” Marino said. 

Marino further confirmed that Valorant would get a butterfly style knife, but he didn’t give a set date. The developers have previously explained how intricate bundles like Elderflame are challenging to tackle and produce, as they take a lot of time and resources. Bundles like these are also super expensive for regular players to buy.

Just like Elderflame, the butterfly knife might enter the game as part of the Ultra Edition skin that cost a fortune. However, these skins take a lot of time in production, so players shouldn’t expect the cool knives to roll in just yet.

Episode 3 Act I has just dropped and it has brought massive changes to competitive aspect of Valorant. The developer may bring in some light updates to inventory in upcoming patches, along with CSGO melee.