Cooldown brings the live esports experience to your favorite pub

By William Davis


Jul 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Looking to catch the next big esports event with friends and like-minded gamers? The Cooldown might just be your answer, with fresh prizes awaiting those who take the plunge.

Most everyone has shared the experience of watching their favorite sporting events at their local pub. Whether it’s a game of football, rugby, or anything else, there’s a certain charm that comes with yelling and singing along with a group of friends in a setting that encourages that sort of excitement.

But there’s no reason why this sort of fun should be limited to traditional sports. At least, that’s the opinion of the folks behind Cooldown, an exciting new initiative aimed at combining the unique values of esports with the fun of the traditional live sports viewing experience.

Cooldown is going beyond just providing these live viewing opportunities. The organization is also hosting its own live events featuring top amateur talent, such as the upcoming Pixel Bar Cup, a League of Legends contest set to be held on 2 August at the legendary Pixel Bar in Leeds. The competition will see a minimum of 1,000 pounds distributed among its competitors and promises to provide a rocking atmosphere.

As if that weren’t enough, Cooldown is also hosting a contest featuring $5,000 in prizes. This most notably includes a high-performance custom gaming PC and a brand new PlayStation 5 emblazoned with branding from world-famous esports organization OpTic Gaming. And there are yet more prizes available, providing even more reason to get involved.

Cooldown is pushing the mission of bringing esports viewing parties and competitive gaming events to live pub settings. Whether you’ve got some skin in the game, have a favorite team in the mix, or just want to unwind with some friends, taking in an esports competition with a few drinks and an energetic crowd is an attractive proposition. But not many bars and pubs have yet opened their doors to the relatively new world of esports.

Cooldown works to open those doors for you, partnering with live venues and enhancing the live viewing experience. It’s a mission that any gamer of age can appreciate.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes, hop into Cooldown’s Pixel Bar Cup and take your shot at the event’s open prize opportunity. And while you’re at it, enter a giveaway for a brand new PC or PlayStation 5, all while grabbing a pint with friends. It’s a can’t-miss happening.


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