Complexity vs. Sprout: BLAST Showdown betting analysis

Christian Vejvad • November 24, 01:30

BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown kicks off with a banger of a match between the juggernauts from Complexity and Sprout, a team looking to prove themselves against some of the best. 

Complexity is entering the tournament as one of the clear favorites, but teams like Sprout will look to make some upsets and maybe even go all the way themselves. The two best teams at the Showdown will qualify for the big BLAST Fall Finals, which is what all 16 teams at the tournament are aiming to achieve. 

Complexity recently picked up former 100 Thieves player Justin “jks” Savage after losing the young Owen “oBo” Schlatter. The team has already played a whole lot with jks and is already starting to look better for each game. Most recently, Complexity made it to the semifinals at IEM Beijing-Haidian but fell short against Vitality. They took down teams such as NaVi, BIG, and FaZe along the way, so they should be completely ready for every team waiting at BLAST. 

Sprout, on the other hand, has been playing in smaller tournaments recently and will now have to step up against much more prominent opponents. Starting out with Complexity won’t be easy, but looking at their recent results, Sprout can put up a fight. Sprout has won five out of its last six games and will be entering the match against Complexity with momentum. 

To win against Complexity, Sprout will have to fire upon all cylinders and bring their A-game on every position. Sprout will likely also need to bring something new to the table or pick a map that Complexity doesn’t expect. 

Complexity will likely enter the match with loads of confidence, but can’t underestimate Sprout. It’s been seen many times that big upsets can happen, especially in these online times. If Complexity stays focused, they will likely be able to play their own game and cruise to a victory.  

Complexity heavily favored against Sprout in BLAST opening

Upsets in CSGO happen all the time, but the bookmakers are not really believing in Sprout in this best-of-three. The underdogs are expected to lose this pretty handily, to a Complexity squad that simply has too much firepower. 

A win for Complexity will only give odds 1.22, while a win for Sprout will give a pretty high odds of 3.83. Complexity is likely to take this victory home if they show up on the day unless Sprout pulls out something new and unexpected.  

The match between Complexity and Sprout kicks off on November 24 as the opening match of the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown.  


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