Complete guide to Quick Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield

By Steven Rondina


Jun 28, 2021

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After eight different generations there are many different Pokeball types available, but the most useful of them all is the Quick Ball.

The blue and yellow ball has been a go-to for trainers ever since it was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl back in 2006. That’s still the case in Pokemon Sword and Shield, though Game Freak made sure the item wasn’t as game-breaking in these games as they were in others. 

Here’s how to get Quick Balls and how to best use them in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to get Quick Balls in Shield and Sword

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Quick Balls can be found in a number of different locations, but the easiest way to obtain them is by purchasing them from the Wyndon Stadium Pokemon Center. Single Quick Balls can be found in a variety of other locations and as a reward for completing Pokejobs, but there aren’t enough to pick up for regular use.

Quick Balls cost 1,000 dollars and every 10 that are purchased in a single order will net the player a bonus Premier Ball. Players that just can’t wait to get them can find them on certain watt traders, though this does require grinding in the Wild Area given how the number of watts players obtain is partly based on how close they are to reaching Wyndon.

How effective is Quick Ball?

Quick Ball has a catch rate of five on the first turn of a battle, which allows it to catch most non-legendary Pokemon before they even have the chance to attack. For the sake of comparison, an Ultra Ball has a catch rate of two. The only drawback to using Quick Balls is that Quick Balls have a catch rate of one after the first turn, similar to that of a Pokeball.

This is a powerful tool for filling out the Pokedex because players can quickly and reliably catch Pokemon without having to False Swipe them down to low health. This is true at all stages of the game and the ability to purchase it relatively early on has actually detracted from the experience of playing certain Pokemon titles because it takes most of the difficulty away from catching wild Pokemon.

Thankfully, Pokemon Sword and Shield doesn’t let players stock up on them easily until the very end of the main story.

Are Quick Balls better than Ultra Balls?

Quick Balls are significantly better than Ultra Balls on the first turn, as they can catch most non-legendary Pokemon on the first turn. This allows players to capture new Pokemon without even having to attack. The issue is that if the player doesn’t catch the Pokemon with a Quick Ball on the first turn, they will have difficulty doing so after.

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The best way to approach a battle against a Pokemon one wishes to capture is to start the battle off with a Quick Ball. If that doesn’t work, players will have to proceed through the battle and make the capture normally from there. That makes it wise to keep stocked up on both Quick Balls and Ultra Balls.

How long are Quick Balls effective?

Quick Balls are only effective on the first turn of a battle. After this, they have a catch rate identical to that of a regular Pokeball. Though there have been rumors and fan theories that Quick Balls have a drop-off, this is not true. This has been the case in every mainline Pokemon game since the Quick Ball’s introduction in Diamond and Pearl.

What is the strongest Pokeball?

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The Master Ball is the strongest Pokeball in the entire series as is guaranteed to catch any wild Pokemon without any need for attacking them, outside some glitches in early installments of the series. Past that, the Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, and Timer Ball all have a strong case for being the strongest Pokeball.

For the sake of comparison, an Ultra Ball has a catch rate of two. Quick Balls boast the highest catch rate outside the Master Ball at five, but only on the first turn of a wild encounter. Dusk Balls have a catch rate of three, but only at night or in a cave. Timer Balls start with a catch rate of one but add about 0.3 for each turn up to four at turn 10. 

Each of these Pokeballs have their uses, and combined they should be more useful than just stocking up on Ultra Balls.


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