COD: Black Ops 6 size: Is it 300 GB?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 12, 2024

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 has been confirmed as the next installment in the series, set during the Gulf War. With so much content revealed in the last COD Direct, players want to know the Black Ops 6 size on Xbox.

After a string of leaks, Black Ops 6 was formally revealed on the Xbox games showcase. The game is easily one of the most anticipated installments in the COD series for its real-life-inspired characters. The excitement doubled when Activision announced the return of the classic Prestige system and brand new Omnimovement mechanics for the game.

Clearly, Black Ops 6 is going to be bigger than any other COD game, not just in popularity but also in size.

What is the Black Ops 6 download size?

Black Ops 6 cover

We don’t have the exact space required for Black Ops 6 from Activision yet, but if we had to hazard a guess, it would probably be in the range of 150-200 GB.

This is an educated guess based on the disk space of Black Ops 5, which took up 130GB of space on XBox, but Black Ops 6 will likely be larger. Players may be able to reduce the space required by opting out of installing different language packs.

At first, there was speculation that Black Ops 6 might require a whopping 300 GB of storage space. This rumor surfaced when a fan noticed that the Xbox game page listed Black Ops 6 with a download size of 300 GB. This was quite a shocker for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S users. However, Activision has put the rumor to rest.

Taking to X, the developer revealed that 300 GB was for full installations of Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III, Warzone and all relevant content packs, including all localized languages combined.

“The estimated file size currently displayed on the Black Ops 6 pre-order pages does not represent the download size or disk footprint for Black Ops 6,” Activision said.

This means players will be able to download only Black Ops 6, which is not 300 GB.


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