Changes to Jayce, Lux, new Blood Moon chromas and more on PBE

By Marta Juras


Feb 16, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The latest update to League of Legends’ public beta server introduced new chromas for Blood Moon Katarina and some tentative balance changes.

Ahead of patch 10.4 for which Riot Games is preparing significant nerfs for supports that started shining too bright on the top lane, the developer is putting to test a few other balance changes it believes to be necessary for the healthy environment of the game. Jayce, Kayle, Lux, and Singed are up for testing in the current PBE cycle.

The upcoming patch is brining new Blood Moon skins for Katarina, Master Yi, and Tryndamere. Besides the new skins, the latest versions of Blood Moon Katarina’s chromas are now being tested as well. This includes seven different chromas, from ruby and sapphire to rose quartz and pearl.

Jayce, Kayle, Lux, and Singed to get balance updates in 10.4

Jayce is rarely played nowadays, and this is mostly due to his gameplay being focused on poke. Jayce can struggle against tanks and juggernauts popular in the lane as his damage isn’t consistently high enough to win trades. To fix that, his PBE version now has higher mana, and his To the Skies ability deals increased damage.

Previous PBE change to Kayle that lowered Divine Judgment’s ally cast time has been reverted. Needing only 0.25 seconds to give ally invulnerability is simply too little and it allows Kayle to safely get an ally out of almost any situation, rather than using her ultimate tactically to gain the team an advantage.

Minor changes for Lux are up for testing as well, including the damage and cooldown buffs on Lightning Binding, and allowing players to use flash during the Final Spark cast. Lux’s crowd controlling kit is always promising, but without enough opportunities for consistent application, it wasn’t dangerous enough.

Singed is a bit too tanky, so he’s simply getting his base health and armor lowered.

Riot also decided to revert PBE changes to Wukong and refocus on their goals with the champion. The developer is looking to make him a better pick option for top and jungle while at the same time nerfing his mid lane potential.