Bo carries FPX to another victory, dominates Top Esports in LPL

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FunPlus Phoenix keeps impressing in the Chinese LPL after taking down the defending champions Top Esports.

A highly anticipated matchup between the defending LPL champions Top Esports and former world champions FPX unfolded today. On paper, the match seemed extremely close but FPX managed to dominate and show why they are sitting on a big winning streak at the top of the leaderboards. FPX took the win in just two games and is looking like a real threat in 2021. 

Since adding top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon for the 2021 season and subbing in the young jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo while Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang takes a break from professional play, FPX has been on fire. This was once again proven in the match against Top Esports, where FPX managed to win like it was a walk in the park.  

FPX started out the series by stomping Top Esports in game one. Top Esports didn’t stand a chance despite its star-packed roster, which FPX took advantage of by dominating most of the map. The first Nexus was destroyed by FPX after just 26 minutes. 

For game two, Top Esports played a much better early game and it looked like FPX was finally exposed. As the teams entered the mid game, FPX slowly started to ramp up and once again showed perfect team coordination. With a clean ace around the Dragon pit, FPX was suddenly back in charge and ready to close the game out earlier than expected.    

With the young jungler Bo on fire on Taliyah, there was nothing Top Esports could do after FPX got a lead in gold. In clean fashion, FPX ended the game in 29 minutes and continues the winning streak which is now on six series in a row. 

This win also means that Bo is still undefeated in the LPL since debuting against Suning on January 23. Since then, Bo has won eight games and all of them have been with himself as a deciding factor. In FPX’s win against Invictus Gaming, Bo got himself a whopping 27 kills in just two games and a total of 14 against Top Esports. 

Bo is a killing machine and might have a bright future ahead of him in the LPL. 

Who can stop FPX in the LPL?

With the form that FPX is showing, it’s hard to imagine that anyone can stop the FPX train. The only team that looks to stand a chance currently is Edward Gaming, who is currently topping the LPL with a perfect 7-0 record. EDG did beat FPX back in the second week of the 2021 LPL Spring Split, but a lot has happened for both teams since then. 

It looks like EDG and FPX are clearly the strongest teams in the LPL right now so it will be exciting to see if the two giants meet in the playoffs. Until then, the teams won’t meet in another match so it will all depend on if other teams can pull off upsets against either EDG or FPX to make a statement. 

FPX will play its next match on February 22 against Team WE, as the LPL is taking a break due to the Chinese New Year. 

What is the FPX 2021 LPL roster?

Heading into the 2021 LPL season, FPX made a big move in the top lane by adding defending world champion top laner Nuguri. So far, Nuguri is looking great with the team and could potentially take FPX to greater heights. 

The FPX 2021 roster is: 

  • Top – Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon
  • Jungle – Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo
  • Mid – Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang
  • Bot – Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang
  • Support – Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song


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