Bloodstone Razor is busted, here’s how to build it

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Looking for a new build to grind out the upgraded Razor arcana? Vanguard, Eternal Shroud and Bloodstone are what you need.

Razor’s upgraded arcana style is one of the coolest skins in Dota 2, but getting 500 kills with more than 100 Static Link damage is a tall order. Luckily for cosmetic-inclined players, Razor is taking matchmaking by storm with a 56.12% win rate over the last few weeks.

This build, which was allegedly developed by The International 2022 champion offlaner Neta “33” Shapira, takes advantage of Razor’s recently-added Shard passive by stacking tons of spell lifesteal. In combination with Eye of the Storm and Plasma Field, Razor can dish out thousands of magical damage even while stunned or silenced. Here are the core items for the build and how to play it throughout the game.

How to build Bloodstone Razor in Dota 2

One of the best parts of this Razor build is its versatility. It works best as position two or three, but Bloodstone Razor can also function as a safe lane carry.

The build starts with generic starting items with heavy stats, meaning Iron Branches and the pieces of a Wraith Band. A second Wraith Band is optional for the lane. Instead of Phase or Treads, go for Arcane Boots. This can later be disassembled to build the Bloodstone. After that, go for Vanguard. With just these two items, Razor is already a tanky threat.

Once you have these two items, it’s important to buy Aghanim’s Shard as soon as it becomes available. The additional passive added to Storm Surge allows Razor to quickly farm stacks and push waves by tanking the creeps directly. It also triggers a ton of damage in team fights. Pick up a Voodoo Mask beforehand if you’re sure you’ll still have 1,400 gold in 15 minutes.

Razor Bloodstone build disassembly

Now it’s time to start building spell lifesteal. Save up for a Point Booster, Bloodstone Recipe, and Voodoo Mask. Once you have those items, disassemble Vanguard and Arcane Boots to create a Soul Booster, which then becomes a Bloodstone. Bloodstone grants a 30% spell lifesteal, which synergizes extremely well with Razor’s Shard and ultimate.

The next item is Eternal Shroud, which can be built using the Ring of Health from Vanguard. The rest of the components are also fairly cheap, making this another power spike just after Bloodstone. With these two items, Razor can often heal more health than the enemy can take away. Make sure to start fights with Eternal Shroud and save Bloodstone once enemies begin focusing on you. It’s also possible to preemptively pop in if you know you’re about to get chain stunned.