Blizzard releases Overwatch voice line clothing collection

By Olivia Richman


May 24, 2019

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The Overwatch League may be baffling fans with its strange merch, but at least fans are getting opportunities to represent the game in style.

Blizzard has dropped a new voice line-themed clothing collection. The clothing features iconic voice lines from seven fan-favorite heroes. 

The first featured item from the new clothing line has D.Va displayed on a hoodie. If you look closely, the cartoon rendering of the Korean superstar is made up entirely of her various voice lines. “Awww yeah, I’ll take more of that!” shapes her shoulder armor, while “GLHF” creates the design on her signature headset. 

Reaper got the same treatment on his hoodie. One of his shotguns reads, “Vengeance will be mine,” while the other is formed by the words “I will feast on your souls.” His hoodie is formed by the edgy phrase, “Death comes,” written in an appropriately striking font. 

Reinhardt and Soldier: 76 received long sleeve shirts and t-shirts, featuring the same voice line-inspired cartoon imagery. 

“I’m just getting started!” and “CATCHPHRASE!” create Reinhardt’s horned helmet. “Precision German engineering” glows in yellow. Soldier: 76’s visor is formed from, of course, “Tactical visor activated.” His mouthpiece is created from the phrase, “We’re all soldiers now.” 

A t-shirt featuring Mercy was made for women, with billowy, stylish sleeves. “Right beside you” and “patching you up” make up the support hero’s signature halo. Swedish phrases are sprinkled throughout her hair, just as D.Va has Korean and Reinhardt has German. 

Another t-shirt made for female fans features a unique layered bottom. Phrases like “Nothing can stop me!” and “Freeze! Don’t move!” form Mei’s hair and winter clothing. “Cold as ice” makes up a part of her glasses. 

The last piece in the collection is a t-shirt featuring Junkrat. His wild hair is created by popular voice lines like, “Everything is coming up explodey!” while “You’re blowing up” and “KABOOM!” form Junkrat’s devilish smile. 

Some men seemed upset on Twitter that the Mei shirt only came in women’s sizes. But female fans pointed out that they would be buying male shirts, and that they could just as easily purchase the Mei shirt if they really wanted it.

Other fans were sad that their favorite heroes were not getting the voice line treatment. 

The full collection is currently available on Blizzard’s website. 


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