BIG vs. OG: FLASHPOINT Season 2 lower bracket betting analysis

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It’s do or die for both BIG and OG as they meet in the lower bracket semifinals of FLASHPOINT Season 2. 

With $500,000 on the line for first place at the tournament, both teams are heading into a high-pressure game where the loser will leave the tournament once and for all. A win will send the team to the lower bracket final, where everything will once again be on the line. 

Going into the match, BIG has shown some skills, but nothing overwhelming. The German squad managed to take down Team Envy in the first round of the playoffs but fell short against in the upper bracket semifinals. This leaves BIG in a hard position that very few fans would have expected after the team’s performances throughout 2020. 

BIG was recently considered possibly the best team in the world after winning DreamHack Masters Spring and DreamHack Open Summer earlier this year. Since then, BIG has looked pretty mediocre and currently lacks some individual playmaking abilities to step up in the most important games. 

Just like BIG, OG has had some shaky performances recently. The team managed to qualify for the BLAST Fall finals back in October, followed up by a horrible performance at IEM Beijing. This has left fans wondering how good OG really are and when they will show up to compete with the best. 

It’s hard to predict OG since they often rely on momentum. When OG gets rolling, they can take down most teams in the world but it also goes the other way. To take down BIG, several players from OG will have to step up and shoot some heads, while the in-game leading from Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen needs to be sharp. 

Besides the always important veto, the key players in this match will likely be Valdemar “valde” Bjørn from OG and Florian “syrsoN” Rische from BIG. Both players are considered the star of their respective team by many, and whoever shows up, will likely carry his team to a win. 


BIG slightly favored to take down OG at Flashpoint

The match looks to be a potential nailbiter and the bookmakers agree. Both teams can play at a very high level on the right day. If both teams manage to show up on the day, this will likely be a three-map drama to survive in Flashpoint. 

Looking at the odds, BIG is favored with an odds of 1.62, while a win for OG gives odds 2.21. The game will come down to the team’s performance on the day and there’s reason to feel good about either team’s chances. BIG will go into the match slightly favored because they have performed overall better in 2020. 

The match between BIG and OG will kick off on Thursday, December 4.