Beckham’s Guild Esports enters Valorant with a Swedish roster

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 21, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Guild Esport is set to enter Valorant with the signing of a top-tier Swedish lineup. The English organization acquired Bonk’s active roster, who will now play under Guild’s banner. 

Guild Esports will be fielding a Valorant roster that will include Yacine “Yacine” Laghmari, Malkolm “Bonkar” Rench, Leo “Leo” Janneson, William “Draken” Sundin, and Filip “Goffe” Gauffin. The team will debut at First Strike, the first Valorant tournament produced by Riot Games.

Guild Esports acquires Bonk Valorant roster

Swedish team Bonk was created in July 2020 with five players in its roster who actively participated in several tournaments. Looking at their recent performances, like in cup, the team is easily one of the top teams in the current Swedish landscape. The team has now been picked by an influential organization that is still in the making. 

Valorant roster will be Guild’s third team in the esports landscape as they already have an active roster of FIFA and Rocket League. However, thisValorant team will mark the British organization’s debut in the hardcore PC gaming scene.

Guild’s venture into Valorant has potential. They picked some of the brightest stars in the current Valorant ecosystem. 

About Guild Esports’ Valorant roster 

Yacine is a familiar name for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans. The former CSGO player announced his retirement from the game on live stream when he discovered his talent and interest for Riot’s tactical shooter. The player has continued to dominate the Valorant scene since then. 

“Valorant is one of the most dynamic esports out there and being in Guild’s first Valorant roster is an exciting opportunity. I’m looking forward to playing my part in the future of Guild and the team,” Yacine said. 

Bonker entered Valorant’s esport scene during the earlier days of its release and has mastered the game to a great level. Conversely, Leo is the young gun of the squad. At only 16-years-old, Leo will be competing against some of the top teams in Valorant. 

Goffe was also one of the CSGO players who took leave from the game as soon as Valorant rose to fame. The rifler is known for his crisp aim, which helps him bag plenty kills in Valorant. Draken also left CSGO in 2019 and has a stellar history with tier-1 teams like Fnatic and NiP. The star AWPER also enjoys a massive following on the internet. 

Guild Esports currently has one of the best Valorant lineups under its hold. The players are under one year contract with Guild with an option to renew. The top-flight roster will be adding to the competitive scene starting in November when Valorant First Strike begins. 


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