Bdosin signs with Seoul Dynasty for OWL season 3, and fans are mad

Morten Marstal • January 15, 2020 5:06 am

Flex support Seung-tae “Bdosin” Choi has split from the London Spitfire and signed with the Seoul Dynasty.

This expands the Dynasty’s roster to nine players, including the following:

  • Jinmo “tobi” Yang
  • Minhyuk “Michelle” Choi
  • Minseo “Marve1” Hwang
  • Dongeon “FITS” Kim
  • Jaemin “ILLICIT” Park
  • Junyoung “Profit” Park
  • Jaehui “Gesture” Hong
  • Youngwan “Creative” Kim
  • Seungtae “Bdosin” Choi

The reaction from fans has been mixed. In 2017, Bdosin became embroiled in controversy when someone claiming to be his ex-girlfriend took to Twitter and posted a series of text messages that suggested infidelity on the part of Bdosin.

Many were also soured on Bdosin because of the amount of smack-talk he delivered before the inaugural OWL Grand Finals match against the Philadelphia Fusion. Though some enjoyed his barbs and saw it as a breath of fresh air, others chalked it up as unprofessional or arrogant. Regardless, the two controversies left many fans with a bad impression of Bdosin and has left many Dynasty fans frustrated with the team.

However fans feel about Bdosin, no one can deny that the Dynasty’s signings this off-season have been impressive and have created a star-studded lineup. On flipside, this move leaves the Spitfire with just one remaining Season 2 player in Yunghoon “Krillin” Jung.

Seoul Dynasty looking strong ahead of OWL Season 3

In addition to signing Bdosin, the Dynasty have had a strong off-season with the signings of big names Profit and Gesture. All three were on the Spitfire’s 2018 championship roster.

Since the creation of the Overwatch League, spectators have pegged the Dynasty as one of the best teams in the game. South Korea is known for esports talent, but Seoul has disappointed in both seasons of the OWL so far.

In the first season, they were bumped out of the playoffs by the Philadelphia Fusion. The second season was better for Seoul, but the team still fell short against the the Hangzhou Spark in the early stages of the playoffs.

The third Overwatch League season starts on February 8.


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