Autism Speaks Canada to run ASC Game On charity donation drive

Steven Rondina • September 14, 12:09

A number of Canadian esports firms are coming together and getting behind a good cause.

Shattered Dreams Esports and the Marcus Kubes Management Group are partnering up with Autism Speaks Canada for a gaming program, ASC Game On. This will serve to generate funds for ASC and help to spread the company’s message of understanding and acceptance of autism.

Hosted by Shattered Dreams Esports, ASC Game On will be a weekly charity drive streamed on Twitch and Mixer. The broadcasts will occur each Monday from September 16 on, with a donation goal of $20,000. All proceeds go to Autism Speaks Canada.

“We are so excited to launch our first gaming partnership program that will harness the talents and energy of the Canadian gaming industry,” Autism Speaks Canada Executive Director Jill Farber said. “We are thankful to our partners at MKM group and Shattered Dreams for their generous support.”

The Marcus Kubes Management Group is a Canadian law firm specialized in the fields of esports and content creation. Their work with Autism Speaks Canada comes alongside other initiatives including their recent partnership with Matcherino, who provides technical and financial solutions to esports events organizers.

“Gaming transcends limitations and connects communities,” Present and co-founder of MKM Group Evan Kubes said. “Gaming is an ideal gateway for social communication. It’s an outlet for self-expression it provides a voice to those who have a different way of expressing themselves.”

Shattered Dreams Esports is a Toronto-based organization that provides support to amateur and developing gaming talent. They operate out of the Waves Egaming esports arena, which will also serve as the venue for all ASC Game On events.

Interested fans can find the ASC Game On streams on the official Shattered Dreams Esports channels on both Twitch and Mixer. Fans can donate through Shattered Dreams’ Tiltify page or by visiting ASC’s website. More information on Autism Speaks can be found on their official website.


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