Asmongold discusses WoW future after playing Final Fantasy XIV

By Steven Rondina


Jul 14, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Asmongold is one of the biggest names in World of Warcraft but fans are now wondering if he plans to stick to the game on Twitch. 

The popular streamer has recently been grinding in what is arguably WoW’s greatest-ever competitor in the MMORPG genre, Final Fantasy XIV. That has led to speculation that Asmongold might be starting a general withdrawal from the realm of World of Warcraft but some recent social media posts from him insist this isn’t the case.

According to Asmongold, fans have speculated that he hates World of Warcraft. But the OTK co-founder reassured fans that he was simply enjoying grinding a new game. 

Is Asmongold quitting World of Warcraft?

Asmongold’s move to Final Fantasy XIV in recent weeks has led many to believe that he was set to step away from World of Warcraft. The streamer has long been critical of Blizzard’s handling of the game, something that even drew some insults from developers. It was an easy assumption to make that finding a newer MMORPG might mark the end of his time in WoW.

Asmongold insists that this isn’t the case. Though some pressed back against his statement and suggested that he was set to join the many other streamers and casual players who have left WoW Asmongold was vehement that he is still a World of Warcraft-focused streamer and that he has taken many breaks from WoW in the past. He has played a wide variety of games on Twitch including the entire Dark Souls series. So the fact that he’s putting another MMORPG through its paces doesn’t mean that he’s forsaking World of Warcraft.

Asmongold fans were happy to hear that he isn’t dropping WoW forever and Final Fantasy XIV fans felt the same sense of relief at the possible return to his usual game of choice. 

Many Final Fantasy XIV fans reject Asmongold’s presence

Big-name streamers have the ability to make a game an overnight sensation, something that has been seen with titles such as Fall Guys and Among Us. Final Fantasy XIV experienced something like this, with the game briefly selling out of digital copies in the days following Asmongold’s first time playing. While this was huge for Final Fantasy XIV and Square Enix was undoubtedly happy about moving so many units so quickly, fans of the game weren’t nearly as pleased about it.

Unlike most other video game communities, Final Fantasy XIV’s fandom is actually generally positive. While the game had a rough launch, the fandom that stuck it out has a positive relationship with the developers while there have been only a handful of major controversies within the game.

Though Asmongold is a big name, his on-air personality is a negative one. He has frequently and openly bashed World of Warcraft despite playing it frequently and his fandom has a habit of dogpiling on anyone that criticizes him. 

This had many Final Fantasy XIV fans annoyed that he was potentially looking to make a full-time move to the game. While it’s always possible he could make a full-time move, at the moment it seems that he’s just in a honeymoon stage with the game and will likely eventually return to his WoW stomping grounds.

What Final Fantasy XIV server does Asmongold play on?

Asmongold primarily plays on the Cactuar server in Final Fantasy XIV. That said, the game does offer a bit of freedom in terms of moving between servers so he has the ability to move around.


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