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Apex Legends players launch petition for Season 16 content

By Olivia Richman


Dec 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends players are rallying behind a petition to make a lot of changes going into Season 16 of the battle royale.

On Reddit, one Apex Legends player announced the launch of Operation: Fresh, a call to action to bring some ongoing issues to the attention of Respawn Entertainment. The poster asks for the following changes to be added to Apex Legends as part of the Season 16 update.

  • Rotating Limited Time Modes as well as new permanent modes
  • Meta changes and legend balances
  • A smoother experience with better servers
  • New content that consists of more than just cosmetics
Apex legends fans petition for more Season 16 content

“For three years going on four, we’ve asked for more LTMs, permanent modes like Team Deathmatch, and better servers. These requests have fallen on deaf ears. Enough,” the player behind the movement wrote. “We want a fresh meta for characters and guns […] and different content experiences.”

The Apex Legends player added that the movement is meant to be peaceful and nobody should harass employees at Respawn Entertainment or EA. Instead, the community is encouraged to share hashtags to help get the attention of developers.

The community supported the concept in general but didn’t express much hope that anything would change. Most felt that Respawn Entertainment had no reason to listen to player demands or spend time creating new game modes as long as people continued to pay for merch.

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Others stated that streamers and big influencers would have to get behind the movement, or developers would never listen.

What content is planned for Apex Legends Season 16?

Based on promotional materials, Season 16 of Apex Legends will likely be more of the same with the addition of new playable characters and potentially a new gun.

Apex has definitely found its formula for adding new content to the game, and the upcoming season doesn’t seem to add any real changes to the established framework. New characters will be slowly revealed as the season goes on, with a total of two or three new faces being most likely. Certain early leaks have also pointed to a new SMG being added to the game, though nothing has been confirmed on that front. The repetitive system for adding content is what has spurred the community into action, though it’s not clear if anything will change as a result.