Apex Legends patch brings major buffs to Mozambique, Alternator

By Olivia Richman


Jul 5, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Apex Legends fans will notice something quite interesting after the Season 2 update. 

Legends can no longer throw down the Mozambique after its picked up. This was an animation the developers had patched in, allowing legends to physically express their disdain for the most hated gun in all of Apex Legends. 

While this may sound upsetting at first, it’s actually because the Mozambique received a huge buff in Season 2. In fact, the Mozambique is now a useful weapon, which has shocked even the fans who knew the buff was coming. 

Many players are pairing the Mozambique with the Hammerpoint Hop-Up, which increases its damage to opponents without shields. This has made the Mozambique a finisher weapon, perfect for blasting opponents once their body armor has been depleted.

Check out one Reddit user’s video depiction of the Mozambique completely destroying their opponent with ease thanks to the Hop-Up. 

Apex Legends players are also pairing the Mozambique with the newly buffed Alternator. Outshined by the R99 before the buff, the Alternator is now the most sought-after light SMG in the game thanks to a damage increase and a new attachment called Disruptor Rounds. 

This new attachment, much like the Hop-Up, increases damage. But this time the focus is on the enemy’s shields. While the Season 2 patch notes don’t specify the exact amount of added damage the attachment does to shields, it’s enough to make the Alternator an excellent choice for any loadout. 

Popular Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has pointed out the Alternator’s new OP specs. 

After completely melting an enemy’s shield with only four shots, Shroud exclaimed to his viewers, “Oh my god. I barely hit the guy.” 

The Alternator, thanks to the Disruptor Rounds, did a whopping 145 damage points. Shroud called it his new favorite weapon.