Alleged footage of League of Legends mobile version goes viral

By Melany Moncada


Aug 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Alleged footage of the League of Legends mobile version has surfaced on social media.

A video that shows gameplay of League of Legends mobile has been circulating. The footage shows someone playing as Ezreal. In the clip, the player throws their skill shots, buys items, and levels up their abilities. The footage is so smooth that it has players questioning if it is real or just another fake creation.

The footage from the alleged League of Legends mobile game surfaced for the first time on Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili. The video was then posted on a League of Legends mobile Facebook group, and from there it has spread all across the internet.

On August 28, the original video poster updated the post and added new details. The post now includes several screenshots and videos, including the alleged gameplay tutorial.

In the tutorial, it’s possible to observe the distribution of the screen. The minimap is in the top left corner. Under the minimap is the gold and the items that the champion owns.

The top right corner shows the score. On the bottom left is the virtual joystick used to control the movement of the champion. The skill shots and auto-attack buttons are on the bottom right corner. According to the footage, there are no inhibitors or nexus turrets in this version of the game.

The alleged tutorial allows the players to click on the gold icon, which then suggests items for players to buy.

The distribution is similar to the one used in Mobile Legends, a mobile game that has been accused of copying League of Legends. The Facebook post includes a screenshot of a conversation that says that the game would be available by the end of the year.

Fans seek to confirm new League of Legends mobile game


While the veracity of the leak is yet to be confirmed, the footage has already received mixed reactions.

Some players were excited about the potential announcement. Others were worried about the implications of possible cross-platform play and how it would decrease the quality of gameplay for PC players. Other players took the opportunity to criticize the PC client, and said that maybe playing in mobile would be better than the current PC game.

Riot Games hasn’t made any comments regarding the alleged leak of League of Legends mobile.