All you need to know about the Pokemon Unite ranked system

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 27, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The newest addition to the MOBA genre is Pokemon Unite and it’s already taking the world by storm with its fast-paced, competitive gameplay. 

For the most serious Pokemon Unite players, it’s possible to grind the ranked ladder and climb to the top. As players will know from games like League of Legends, the ranked ladder can be a big challenge but it’s also what keeps many players interested in booting up the game every day. Here’s how to unlock ranked matchmaking in Pokemon Unite, and how it works. 

How to unlock ranked play in Pokemon Unite

Like other games, players can’t just jump into ranked play from the get-go in Pokemon Unite. To unlock ranked mode, players must grind their way to level six and make sure to unlock at least five Unite Licenses. After doing this, the ranked ladder will be free to climb against like-minded competitive players. 

The time it takes to reach level 6 luckily won’t be long, as Pokemon Unite is great at rewarding players during the first games. In the beginning, there will be plenty of easy missions to complete that will give both XP and currency to acquire new Pokemon licenses. Some missions will even unlock Pokemon such as Venusaur and Zerora, so don’t expect a long grind to unlock ranked play. The best way will be to take a few normal games and complete all the tutorials. By doing this, there will be enough coins to unlock Pokemon and get to level 6.  

All ranks in Pokemon Unite

The ranking system in Pokemon Unite will seem very familiar for League of Legends players, but it’s fairly straightforward even for more inexperienced MOBA players. 

The Pokemon Unite ranking system consists of six tiers, with five of them being “tournaments” where players will have to climb through “classes” to advance to the next tier. Players will start in Beginner, where there’s a total of three classes to climb through. Players can rise up classes and ranks by winning matches. As with any other ranked system, a loss will deduct some of these points. 

The list of ranks includes:

  • Beginner (Class 1-3)
  • Great (Class 1-4)
  • Expert (Class 1-5)
  • Veteran (Class 1-5)
  • Ultra (Class 1-5)
  • Master

Pokemon Unite ranked ladder

By ranking up through the three classes in the Beginner Cup, players will be promoted to the Great Cup which has a total of four classes for players to climb through. The three tiers above are Expert, Veteran, and Ultra which have five classes each. After completing all those, only the best and most dedicated players remain. These players are ranked as Masters, which is the highest rank in Pokemon Unite at the moment. In this rank, there aren’t any classes but instead a normal ranked system with points. 

Only a few days after release, players are already hitting the Master tier in Pokemon Unite. This is where the absolute best players will be and players will likely keep changing in the months to come. 

Since Pokemon Unite is still a very new game, it’s possible that the ranked system will change in the future. With time, there’s even a chance that a real esports scene will be built around the game if it keeps developing. 


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