All you need to know about the 2020 LoL World Championship pass

By Melany Moncada


Sep 19, 2020

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The 2020 World Championship kicks off on September 25, and League of Legends will celebrate it with a month-long in-game event. The event will start on October 1 with patch 10.20 and will run through November 9. Players have until November 24 to spend the Worlds Tokens they acquire along the way.

2020 Worlds Pass, missions, and more

The 2020 Worlds Pass will be available on October 1, right before the start of the World Championship main event. The 2020 Worlds Pass will ser for 1,650 RP and it includes 200 Worlds tokens plus four orbs. A Worlds bundle will be available for 2,650 RP and it additionally includes the new Dragonmancer Sett skin plus an icon and border.

Players that purchase the Worlds Pass will receive tokens for playing games. Victories and defeats grant points for the milestone missions. Some of the rewards include a Dragonmancer Ward Skin, prestige points, emotes, Eternals capsules, Gemstones, and more.

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Every week, players can earn points and then turn those points into tokens. In the first four weeks, players can earn 215 tokens. On the fifth and final week, players can earn 365 tokens for a total of 1,225 tokens.

Players that do not purchase the Worlds pass can still earn rewards by playing games or completing special objectives, such as winning a game while playing as Lee Sin.

Watch Worlds 2020 games and win rewards

New watch missions are also coming. Players must watch a total of 17 matches, including the Worlds final, to earn 1,500 Blue Essence and 10 Worlds tokens. To complete these missions, players must log in into LoL Esports’ website with their Riot accounts and watch at least 10 minutes of each match. These missions are available starting on September 24 and run through November 7.

Worlds Pick’em is back

Players will get the opportunity to place their predictions for Worlds’ results with the Pick’em missions. Locking in the predictions rewards blue and orange essence, champion shards, and Hextech chests. Correctly predicting the outcome of the event will grant points, this mission has four different tiers, each one with an exclusive icon as a reward.

There’s a small window of time to lock in the Pick’em predictions:

  • Group stage, between September 30 and October 2
  • Quarter finals, between October 11 and October 14
  • Semi-finals, between October 18 and October 23
  • Finals, between October 25 and October 30

Pick URF is back

This favored game mode is back on October 1. Pick URF will be available through the entire World Championship.


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